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A Shooting Star

He's exhausted. He can feel the lack of strength in his limbs, the fatigue. He does not let himself collapse. He staggers only one step, he keeps his grip on his sword firm. His face is already dirty and bloodied; he can feel the way his arm no longer wants to respond to his will, dulled with pain. He wipes at his face, and red streaks across his white glove.

Insultingly, his opponent is a little girl who looks like nothing so much as a sailor senshi, and a mouse. Or perhaps he decided that when she called herself one: Sailor Iron Mouse. (Where is Mercury and what does she know of this? Or, he thinks with irritable humor, the cat?)

The mouse doesn't seem winded at all; in fact, she seems to be thrilled to be fighting. The strange golden bracers on her wrists glimmer in the light. Kunzite has an instinct to avoid them and, sure enough, it takes a great deal of his remaining power to shield himself from the blast they generate. He gathers his breath. She raises her arms.

"Don't stand in the way! Bring out the ones with the sailor crystals!" she chatters. "Galactica Crunch!"
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There's no announcement to the arrival of another until a powerful voice interrupts Sailor Iron Mouse.

"Star Gentle Uterus!"

Blinding light whites out the area amidst a shrill scream from the Animamate. When the light fades, there's nothing left to indicate her presence to begin with. Off to the side stands a tall young woman, gloved hands lowering back to her side after the attack. The band around her forehead with a star in the center, choker, and the sailor collar might seem faintly reminiscent of the sailor senshi Kunzite is familiar with, but the rest of her costume - almost bra-like top and hot pants in a vinyl-like material - is completely detached from the 'normal' sailor fuku. The newcomer's rather severe expression shifts to the struggling shitennou, look becoming almost contemptuous.

The woman turns sharply on her heel, long ponytail swinging with the motion. She moves to leave without so much as a word.
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She would keep walking, heels clicking firmly against the concrete as she leaves the wounded human to tend for himself.

Except she doesn't, for some reason she herself doesn't know. The sound of her footfall stops. Still turned firmly away, as if Kunzite wasn't worth the effort to turn back around, the young woman half glances over her shoulder.

"All you need to know is this planet is about to be destroyed."
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A humorless smirk turns the young woman's lip and she turns just a little more, one hand on her hip. "I see with your excellent performance just now you'll have no trouble."

The woman drops her hand and turns away again. "Don't misunderstand, I'll be happy to leave you to die the next time one of the Animamates finds you. They're not here to fight me."
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The woman turns on her heel, long hair swinging as she fixes Kunzite with a dark-eyed stare. It's almost a look of irritation, but mostly aloofness.

"It won't do you any good, but your enemy is Sailor Galaxia - the galaxy's strongest senshi. She's traveled the galaxy, collecting sailor crystals and destroying the planets once she has."
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"It's a nice theory," the senshi says icily, "This being the backwater planet it is. But - there's something that was already here that Galaxia wants, whatever it may be. It's no concern of mine."

One foot steps backwards, and she looks ready to walk away again.
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"You have a strange custom for thanking people on this planet!" The young woman says with another humorless curve to her lips. "If I'd not interfered, you would be dead. If I'd not stayed, you'd be none the wiser.

"Were I looking for a shield, I'd do better with paper. Don't worry. I won't be here for long."
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"Don't worry about that; you've got a bigger problem on your hands. But since it's too much for you to handle anyway, it must be overwhelming."

She does turn away this time, steps measured, crisp and unhesitating.