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Chasing after you...

A lot of people nestled in a desk out of the way at the library with headphones on would probably be taking a break from their studying.

A lot of people are not Mizuno Ami. Though an occasional thoughtless tap of her finger suggests she's aware of the rhythms of the song she's listening to, a hit by the Three Lights, the stack of astronomy books nearly as tall as she is shows signs of use, and one is open in front of her. The music helps her to focus.

She's been here all day, without breakfast or lunch to smear or dirty the crisp pages, and a tired glance at her watch tells her it's already evening. She's starting to suspect what she's looking for simply won't be in these pages at all. (After all, how could it be? Humans on Earth know almost nothing about life outside it.)

Reluctantly, Ami closes a few of the books. She'll reshelve them and clear her head.
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Earth, and the planets around it. It's something of an interesting topic for the young man, despife his claimed disdain for the backwater satellite. His interest was more on why Galaxia - and his own princess, would choose here. But nothing seemed to be said of sailor senshi except news articles about a Mercury, one of the members of the Golden Council. Taiki had recognized too the man he'd encountered before - Kunzite. No wonder he'd spoken with such aithority. He'd stored mentally the images of the other three rulers too; Zoisite, Nephrite, Jadeite. Likely, if he ended up in another battle (he hoped he didn't), he'd encounter one of them.

The young man's finger scans along titles slowly as if looking for a particular topic.
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Taiki is getting better at being polite. He's not as much of a flirt as Seiya, but neither is he as aloof as Yaten (not that fans seemed deterred by his bandmate's attitude - if anything, they seem more drawn to him). The Light turns to greet the voice, and he offers a small smile. "That's kind of you." A glance back to the shelves. "I'm looking for something about this planet as it relates to other planets in this galaxy. I've read a lot, but most things focus on the planet itself. Maybe I'm looking at the wrong titles."
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Recent? "So, it seems - our knowledge beyond Earth doesn't reach so far." There's the briefest pause as he almost says 'your', but manages to cover it by turning to pull the book out. He opens it, glancing over the table of contents.

"This looks like a good start."
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"Likewise." The return is almost stiff, almost unfriendly as he closes the book, but Taiki corrects himself immediately with a smile. "I'm Kou Taiki."

He thinks for a moment, and tucks the book under his arm. "I can't explain why." It's a neutral statement, easily assumable as 'I don't know' rather than 'I can't tell you.' "Maybe the best thing to say is, I want to know as much about other stars and planets as we know - specifically, where they are."
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"Ah, it's more my own personal interest." He looks thoughtful. "Journals, mm? This might not be a bright question but, where would I look for that sort of thing?"
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Taiki at least picks up that he's meant to follow Ami, and moves to do so.

"Ah, I see. Thank you."

He has more than one goal here today, though he's not sharing them with this girl - Mizuno Ami was it? He pays attention to where they're going, but is thoughts are primarily elsewhere.
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"Thanks." Hopefully this would get him a little further than the outdated books upstairs.

"What is Mizuno-san studying for?" he inquires casually, glancing over the titles. He looks through the most recent ones, pulling out one now and again to check the table of contents until he has a small set that he thinks he'll benefit looking through the most.
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"Studying abroad?" he asks, setting the few journals down and looking back to his impromptu guide. He's not usually one for polite or casual conversation, but something about the girl makes him think they might be a little like-minded. There's no rehearsal until this evening, no promotional interviews or photoshoots today, so there's nothing wrong with a little conversation while researching.
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"Astronomy seems a little different than robot-assisted surgery." Taiki offers a lopsided smile at that, head cocked as if to invite her to explain further. He suggests his own hypothesis: "A hobby to pass the time?"
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That's fine - he's got enough girls that his smile will do that to, and he finds it a little annoying more often than not. He appreciates a girl with a good head on her shoulders.

Taiki leans on the desk, hands clasping the edge lightly. "But humans barely know about the galaxy, and their travel is limited to satellites of their own star. Do you think th - we'll really accomplish anything significantly more?"
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"Getting a little ahead of y--ourselves, ne? Humans haven't physically made it past Earth's moon, and we're considering colonies on other planets? That's foolish."

Not that it mattered now. This world was doomed to destruction sooner than they could think. Taiki shakes his head a little as if to dismiss the conversaton, and forces a thin smile. He shoves his hands in his pockets and straightens.
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"Humanity seems to be a hopeful race, at least." Although maybe, if they were looking at other planets, and this girl has a hobby of astronomy then...

"So, what planets are humans looking at one day colonizing?"
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Ah. Information not useful at all. Hopeful, but not as farseeing as Mizuno had made out. "I see. I've stumbled over several fiction titles about colonizing the moon and Mars." Titles he'd been annoyed to find, because they too were fiction. The only thing he cared to read of human literature was poetry.
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He's read plenty about how the Moon and Mars are not habitable as they are now, and by Ami's words he's assumed she meant their sights were set further out.

"You misunderstand." But his smile is still pleasant. "Just mentioning I've seen that outside scientific journals. The hope for colonization seems to be something that affects humans outside the scientific community as well."
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"I can see why," he comments. "This planet is all alone, isn't it? Even if there are other planets that share the same star, humans are alone."

It made the plight of humans seem a little sadder, a little easier to empathize with. Even if they didn't their destruction was coming. It's sad - but Taiki reminds himself he can hardly afford sadness on these people he has nothing to do with.
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Taiki takes the academic route to respond - once again, they tiptoe around each other. Strange how astronomy of all things might be a sensitive subject that poked at secrets they didn't want found out.

"It would be logical. It's as you say, it would be self-centered to think it wasn't possible. But at the same note, with planets with no life forms for such a long distance, it's also improbable."
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Taiki nods in agreement to Ami's statement. For some reason he won't explain, there's a faint smile lingering on the teen's lips. "You never know, though," he considers. "It's possible they're here for one reason or another, humans just haven't noticed it."

He adds then, "But it's more likely humans have never encountered life forms or seen transportation from another planet."
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Taiki fingers through the journals he's picked up, and nods a bit to himself. "Well, this should keep me busy for a time. I don't want to interrupt your studies any more than I have." He gives a short, if somewhat stilted bow. "I appreciate your help."
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"Likewise." Taiki seems to think of something then, and reshuffles the selected journals to one hand, and opens the messenger bag against his hip with the other. A moment later he produces a CD with an album cover that Ami might recognize - the latest single from the Three Lights, 'See Me, It's Our Era', an image that had been well publicized lately.

"It's from my group. I'd be honored if you'd accept it as a thank you for your help."
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"Oh? Could it be you're a fan?" Taiki grins a little, as if he'd caught Ami in some little secret. He sets the journals down on the edge of a bookshelf, pausing to make sure they won't slip, before digging about a bit. "Ah - there we are."

A silver marker procured, he takes the CD back to open it and find the picture of him in the booklet. He signs his signature on the photo beneath his face, 'Taiki Kou ♥' in English cursive that actually manages to be legible. He hands it back in both hands with a little bow.
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He's used to much worse, so he appreciates her reserve. "I appreciate your support," he answers. "The marker takes a minute to dry, so be careful not to smear it."

Taiki gathers up the journals once the marker is returned to his bag, and he smiles politely. "Thank you again."