waterfell: (ami ♍ overworking herself again)
Mizuno Ami☿Mercury ([personal profile] waterfell) wrote in [community profile] aquapoetic2012-04-03 06:57 am

Chasing after you...

A lot of people nestled in a desk out of the way at the library with headphones on would probably be taking a break from their studying.

A lot of people are not Mizuno Ami. Though an occasional thoughtless tap of her finger suggests she's aware of the rhythms of the song she's listening to, a hit by the Three Lights, the stack of astronomy books nearly as tall as she is shows signs of use, and one is open in front of her. The music helps her to focus.

She's been here all day, without breakfast or lunch to smear or dirty the crisp pages, and a tired glance at her watch tells her it's already evening. She's starting to suspect what she's looking for simply won't be in these pages at all. (After all, how could it be? Humans on Earth know almost nothing about life outside it.)

Reluctantly, Ami closes a few of the books. She'll reshelve them and clear her head.

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