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In order to search for the true star

Mercury slammed face-first into the library bookshelves with enough force to make her crumble to the ground. Behind her, a very bizarrely dressed woman in a frumpy suit with a sailor collar loomed tall. The senshi clambered to her feet just in time to be struck by the next attack. She gritted her teeth as it cut into her.

"Silence!" hissed the phage, fired up and in her element. "A place of learning is a place of quiet! I'll teach you not to be so disruptive!"

The next blows came in rapid succession, until Mercury was knocked to the floor again, struggling for breath and struggling to find a way to turn the tide. Her shoulder was injured. Her uniform was already showing signs of wear and strain and so was she. The cut on her cheek bled a little as she pressed her fingers against the floor, willing her body to find the strength to get up again. Her eyes swept the room, and widened as they fell on Taiki Kou.
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Galaxia didn't come to this planet to find them, the Starlights, right? So why the hell did phages and animamates keep showing up wherever she was?

While Taiki's expression isn't unlike a deer in the headlights, it's lacking the fear a normal citizen might have. His pose is caught somewhere between defensive and about to turn to run. He'd watched the fight, frozen and caught between helping and turning tail. Some back corner of his mind was wondering why he'd stayed at all, especially for this long. As Mercury's gaze catches his own, Taiki's mouth tightens and he takes a step backwards.

She's going to lose, he thinks. She might die if I don't help her. He takes another step back. She's going to die anyway, isn't she? He begins to turn, gaze flickering between the phage and Mercury again. This whole planet is doomed - this is none of my business.

His gaze flickers to Mercury again before his face finally turns away, and Taiki Kou disappears behind the bookshelves.
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'She'll die there', nags a voice in the back of Taiki's head as he hurries away, and it's both the argument to continue walking away, and to go back and help. He can hear the sounds of the battle behind him, or maybe his mind is only making them up - the sound of Mercury being hurried to her demise.

He thinks briefly, distractedly of the polite girl he'd met in the library before, the one who - hadn't he seen her there today too? The one with an interest in astronomy. If Mercury died there, and the phage managed to take her Sailor Crystal, would it stop? Or would obtaining that item only spur the phage to continue searching? Would that girl be killed too?

"Running through an atmosphere of freedom, the vagabond shooting star -- Sailor Star Maker!"

The phrase is enough to distract the phage, and the speaker steps into the light. The new arrival circles around, keeping her gaze locked with the phage to distract it. The senshi crouches briefly, before lunging for the phage. Kicks manage to throw it off-guard, and a well placed strike knocks the phage down.
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Sailor Star Maker manages to make the fight look like little more than child's play. Mercury's blast knocks the phage away, and the senshi raises gloved arms in a pose.

"I've been sent a Signal, and a new power fills me!" claims the Starlight, before an attack crashes down on the phage.

When the light fades, there's a young woman with a tousled bun and a name tag with then name of the library stamped below her name. Next to it, a crystal that looks blackened from the inside lays broken in half.

The Starlight glances back to Ami, mouth tight and expression stern, though her eyes are almost sad. "If you find yourself in a battle you can't win, you should run away. Cherish the days you have left on this planet."
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"Your enemy is someone stronger than you can imagine. Hundreds of times stronger than this phage, hundreds of times stronger than Sailor Iron Mouse, who would have defeated that man, Kunzite. She'll take any Sailor Crystals, and leave this planet in ruins as she's done to dozens before now."

Sailor Star Maker takes a step back as if to turn to leave.
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Heel just to the ground, the Starlight pauses, then turns on that heel. One brow quirks up, a half smile on her lips that doesn't reach her eyes. "You're calling me the wrong thing, aren't you?"
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"And who might you be that would know Taiki Kou?" the tall young woman questions, hip shifting as she places a hand on it. Her gaze meets Mercury's evenly.
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"Aren't they a pop group? It's unusual that a sailor senshi has time to be a fan like that. Could it be you know that person?"
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"Aa-aa~," Star Maker laments as if not taking the situation seriously at all. She shrugs her shoulders, hands spread as if in invitation. "Looks like I've been found out," she says, and a little smile plays on her lips.

"Now what?"
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...She did, didn't she? Knowing her other identity, it's not deniable that she left and came back.

Maker has no front about 'not leaving anyone behind' or 'working together' or even a jab about 'protecting the weak'.

"Yes," she says simply, the shift in her posture from one hip out to the other suggests she's not entirely comfortable with the decision, or maybe just the reason behind it.
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Maker's brows lift, and her chin tips up a little as if to accept the challenge should Mercury issue it - or maybe it was just a silent scoff at the idea this girl who couldn't defeat a phage could even scratch her.

The idea is forgotten immediately as the girl de-transforms. That's -

Mizuno Ami-san?

She watches the girl retreat for a few moments more, mouth in a thin line. Her gaze pauses on the victim and the broken star seed. Almost sadly, she finally turns away. After seeing that there's no one around, Star Maker fades into Taiki Kou. The idol unfolds a pair of sunglasses, and slips them on as he exits.