waterfell: (darkury ☿ unraveling)
Mizuno Ami☿Mercury ([personal profile] waterfell) wrote in [community profile] aquapoetic2012-04-22 09:56 pm

In order to search for the true star

Mercury slammed face-first into the library bookshelves with enough force to make her crumble to the ground. Behind her, a very bizarrely dressed woman in a frumpy suit with a sailor collar loomed tall. The senshi clambered to her feet just in time to be struck by the next attack. She gritted her teeth as it cut into her.

"Silence!" hissed the phage, fired up and in her element. "A place of learning is a place of quiet! I'll teach you not to be so disruptive!"

The next blows came in rapid succession, until Mercury was knocked to the floor again, struggling for breath and struggling to find a way to turn the tide. Her shoulder was injured. Her uniform was already showing signs of wear and strain and so was she. The cut on her cheek bled a little as she pressed her fingers against the floor, willing her body to find the strength to get up again. Her eyes swept the room, and widened as they fell on Taiki Kou.

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