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Our powers returned

Rei makes a strong figure dressed in her robes, the bright red and white dimmed by the low lighting. She holds an ofuda tightly in her hand. Her face is serious. She takes a deep breath, and centers her thoughts and her breathing.

The shrine candles flare into life all around her, one by one like links in a rippling chain. She surveys them with a muted satisfaction.

Then the noise starts. Rei hurries outside to see the commotion, and is confronted by a woman with dark feathery wings. "It's been awhile, Sailor Mars," she says. "I felt your power from miles away."

Rei backs away. She's never seen this woman before. It's only reflex, but she feels sure of herself as she gestures and speaks words she hasn't used in years. "Mars Power, Make-up!"
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He can almost hear the henshin phrase. His skin suddenly feels as if it's hot, like he's been too close to a fire. But he checks impulsively, and it's cool to the touch. Maybe it's instinct, or maybe it's a physical reaction from feeling Rei's power - Jadeite doesn't know. But he does trust that heavy sinking in his stomach, as much as he hates it.

Rei's absence, which Jadeite had just thought was a market run, had gone on longer than he thought. He'd assumed the first place would be the temple, and he'd thought to leave her be. At least, until he'd had the beginnings of that sensation that something was wrong.

With a flourish of black fabric, the shitennou arrives at the top of the shrine steps. That red skirt and collar are all too familiar to the shitennou. The winged woman however, is not. Daggers are in hand immediately.

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Shit. This is bad. This is an Animamate. One of the same who took down Mercury, a senshi who's had years of near constant fighting, compared to Rei Sailormars, who has regained her powers after said years...about 30 seconds ago.

"Run!" He demands of Rei, tone strong but the worry evident. Two daggers fly for the one called 'Sailor Lead Crow', and Jadeite rushes to hopefully place himself between the two.
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Damnit you should have run!

Jadeite's breath catches in his throat at Lead Crow's threat. His teeth grit, and his grip tightens around the daggers he'd already summoned. But he stays where he is obediently, gaze worriedly flickering between Rei Mars and Lead Crow.

"Let her go," he demands finally, tone low but perfectly audible.
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Jadeite is ready to strike the moment Lead Crow's arms move, and the world seems to move in agonizing slow motion the moment he hears that scream. He's too slow. Even a few paces away, he can't do anything.


He doesn't care about the sailor crystel, doesn't care about anything but killing this woman who's taken someone else away from him. He strikes out with both daggers to knock the winged woman away from Rei's crumpled form, and he takes a step backward, throwing first one dagger, then the other.

Hands free, Jadeite's stance widens. Chin down, his frozen gaze remains relentlessly on the Animamate now marked not as his adversary, but his prey. Energy grows between his hands, crackling angrily.
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Be strong.

Jadeite dashes forward, daggers in hand again. He makes no noise, but his attacks are strong. More than that, his attacks are swift. Stealth and speed have always been his strong points, and he takes advantage of the second now.

Be strong.

It's enough to focus that rage, to remind him he has something to protect. Mercury died when he could do nothing but listen. He had inadvertently led the enemy to Makoto. He couldn't lose Rei, and not only because they couldn't afford to surrender yet another crystal to the enemy. At some point, the guilt of his actions in the Dark Kingdom and the decision to try and make everything as right as he could had changed. It was...affection? Caring? However he rationalized it, the shitennou couldn't deny, especially now, that Rei had become someone important to him.
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He takes no pleasure in the victory when he knows it's his, he doesn't revel in the kill. Jadeite has no sooner ensured his enemy is absolutely dead then he is at Rei's side, the glowing red crystal gingerly in one hand.

"Rei - Rei. Answer me. Rei - "

He moves with his free hand to gather her up as gently as he can against his chest.

"Rei?" His voice begins to break.
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There's a spark of hope - she's alive, still, she's talking. He draws the crystal close to her chest as if that might coax it to return to its owner. "You need it more than I do," he says stubbornly.

He holds her just a little closer, worried blue eyes flickering over the girl in his arms. "You transformed," he murmurs almost absently.
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Jadeite stares. "Rei." He falls silent then. He knows. She's gone. He's failed, yet again, to protect something to close to him.

There's no time for mourning. There's laughter, cold yet genuinely amused from nearby. The glowing red crystal pulls suddenly from his hand, and Jadeite's head snaps to follow it and the sound of the laughter.

"It felt good to watch that!" A woman in gold with her arms loosely about her own waist lifts her shoulders a little before extending her hand to accept the crystal. "Only one to go~. It's surprising this tiny planet is so ripe with sailor crystals!"

Rei is gently set down, and Jadeite is immediately on his feet, daggers out again. "You're -- " But another laugh interrupts him. As Jadeite charges forward, the golden senshi's hand extends. "Galactica Inflation!"
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The shitennou finds himself flat on his back several feet away before he knows what's hit him. When he looks up through blurring vision, the only thing left is that horrible laugh lingering in the air. The golden senshi, and Mars' Sailor Crystal, are gone.

Suddenly weak, muscles like lead weights, Jadeite somehow finds his way back to the fallen senshi. He drops heavily to his knees, one hand on either side of her shoulders. He stares, for a short time, at those closed eyes, before he sinks down until his forehead touches hers.

He failed again.