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Just a normal girl who likes shopping at the mall

Ami was early. This was more or less her normal state, and quite possibly the reason for the book in her hand. She counted pages as she waited for Usagi quite contentedly.

Two-thirty, she'd said. She might have a long time to wait, but surely Usagi would at least try to get to the bus stop on time and take the right route? She turned another page.

Of course. The mall behind her beckoned, after all. Ami entertained visions of the bookstore in particular, but she had a feeling they'd be visiting the food court and accessories shops (for every cute thing in the displays). That was fine, too. If it was alright with Usagi-chan, anything was fine.
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Gasp, gasp, gasp

With two large lollipops - one blue, one pink - Serena ran towards Ami once she spotted her. At 2:46pm. Yeah, she's on time... for Serena, anyways.

"Ami! There you are!" She handed her the blue candy, a broad grin taking up half her face. "Stopped at the candy store in the mall."

"I could barely sleep a wink! I was so excited to go shopping with youuu~~ Where are we gonna go first?! Oh, this is so great!"
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Serena sent her a few rapid nods in response. She was too excited to be super late. It's been far too long since she last went shopping. A shopaholic needs her fix, after all.

"Umm," she touches her lips with a finger while in thought. "There are so many places, so many pretty things and so little time!"

And then a gasp. "Oh, I know! Hrm." With a seriously determined expression, Serena touches both her temples with her index fingers, concentrating. Then suddenly, she points to one of the entrances nearby and quickly takes Ami's free hand, running off with her.

"The jewelry store is this way -- follow me!"
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Serena was already all over the store before she could blink.

"Ohh, you bet hehe! Sparkles, colours--OH, look, Ami!" She points down at the glass containing many rings, her eyes wider than her face itself could handle.

"Wooowie... aren't they great?" A giggle escapes her lips. "I want them all! Didn't you mention earrings? I bet we can find more than just one beautiful pair!"
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"Hmm," she props her chin on the space between her thumb and index. "Well, let's see. You're super smart, incredibly gorgeous, and we should find something that should make those eyes of yours pop out, so..."

Serena searches the earrings section, and quickly spots a pair with a fast chuckle. "I'm a magnet for these things, I swear!"

There. In the top row, a pair of baby blue diamonds. Fake of course, but shiny enough for anybody to look past it.

"Check those ones out, Ami! Whaddaya think?"
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Serena pursed her lips, "guess you're right. Buuut," she smiled. "You never know when a cute boy is going to ask you out, and you'll always need some BEAUTIFUL jewlery for that occasion!"

Ami on a date? Now there's something that makes Serena jump up and down, giggling and clapping enthusiastically.

"Try them on!"
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Serena looks at Ami for a moment. She's a self-absorbed teenager caught up in her own issues, so it's always a big surprise when she notices someone else's insecurities. But she can't help but smile at Ami's. Even if she didn't exactly say anything that directly points to them.

"Don't be silly, Ami. Look at yourself! Smart, super nice and totally great! Someone is gonna want to grab that for himself, I'm sure of it!"

Smiling big, she gives her friend's shoulders a small squeeze. "I'm so excited for it to happen, hehe!!"
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Sounds good! Hopefully I'll be on my laptop by then. It's hard tagging on my phone xP

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Serena soaks up Ami's smile. She made her feel good, so that makes her feel good too.

"Darien?" She shrugs, "oh, you know..." don't blush don't blush don't blush

"Saaaame as ever."
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Not with my laptop...but I wiLL SOLDIER ON!

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Serena goes blank for barely a millisecond before she begins searching herself for an answer. It doesn't take long before a faint, euphoric-looking smile takes over.

"Well, Ami..." She doesn't make eye-contact. In fact, her eyes are glancing down, but moving back and forth, up and down. She's not really looking at anything at all, she's reading her heart.

"It's hard to explain, yet so very simple." A small chuckle escapes. She's so in love. She looks at Ami this time.

"I guess you just...know. You know? You feel that it's right, and it's a super strong feeling that takes over."

Her smile grows.

"It's not irrational. It's an emotion, yeah, but... it still just somehow makes so much sense!"

The smile in her eyes capture Ami's glance, letting a feeling of comfort take them both in as she steals her for a hug.

"You'll get this with someone great. I just know it!"
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Serena nods confidently at that, then gestures to their surroundings.

"Ready to shop like never before? I know I am!"
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Her leader? That's something that Serena could get used to when it comes to shopping. It sort of suits her if one doesn't mind the occasional impulsive purchase.

"Let's check out that new accessories store!" She starts toward its direction. "Molly told me she saw tons of super cute headbands and hair elastics. There are some simple yet adorable earrings there also, Ami! For real cheap too!"
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Serena shrugged, smiling blissfully. "Nah, I never plan ahead. I like to come in and get whatever catches my eye!"

She pointed to a crowd nearby. "Uh oh, I think that's the one. I forget the name, but yeah, Molly said things there are just priced awesomely!"

And theeen a sigh. "Crowds. I guess that's what happens when there's a new store," there's a small frown coming. "But I wanna go in nooooow."
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She puts her whining on hold and looks around blankly, her pout still present. "All I see is a big fat crowd that is in the way of everything! Hmph."

Translation: all she sees is her not getting her way right now. Sad Serena is sad.