geniustheveil: (bssm ☂ amidorable)
Mizuno Ami ☿ Sailor Mercury ([personal profile] geniustheveil) wrote in [community profile] aquapoetic2012-06-06 12:54 pm

Just a normal girl who likes shopping at the mall

Ami was early. This was more or less her normal state, and quite possibly the reason for the book in her hand. She counted pages as she waited for Usagi quite contentedly.

Two-thirty, she'd said. She might have a long time to wait, but surely Usagi would at least try to get to the bus stop on time and take the right route? She turned another page.

Of course. The mall behind her beckoned, after all. Ami entertained visions of the bookstore in particular, but she had a feeling they'd be visiting the food court and accessories shops (for every cute thing in the displays). That was fine, too. If it was alright with Usagi-chan, anything was fine.

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