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[Continuation] Sleepover: Taking care of the eggbaby.

Minako arrived at the shrine, somehow roped into having been the one to bring the egg there. She shaded her eyes as she glanced up along the staircase leading to the main grounds, and matter-of-factly headed straight up them.

She had a few things for the overnight packed: a chance of clothes, makeup and hairbrushes, a CD or two. In a way, it wasn't too bad to sneak off like this, to have a chance to spend some time with a friend.

"Think we can get it to sleep early?" she wondered. It didn't make her eager for Luna's senshi-bonding assignment.]

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[ Rei is, all in all, quite looking forward to this evening. not so much for the egg-baby, no -- that was a pretty thin excuse to begin with, admittedly -- but for getting to spend this time with Minako. which is, of course, yet another one of those things she's not ever going to admit aloud.

still, sleepovers aren't something she gets to participate in often, and the only people who tend to come to the shrine, outside of holidays, are the children she helps watch over and their parents, as well as the occasional middle school girl looking to buy a love charm. so Rei would say it's understandable that she's a little excited. it's also equally understandable that she's a little nervous, because it is Minako, and no matter how easily they get along now and how comfortably they can bicker back and forth, she still hasn't lost that uniquely aggravating ability to put Rei on edge when she wants to.

still, she's not too concerned. it should be fun. given the egg-baby doesn't start acting up again, that is.

Maybe. How's it been acting?
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[ it's true, Rei doesn't like singing-- but she sure likes getting to make fun of Minako, so in this specific instance, it's more or less balanced out. ]

Do you want to hear me sing that badly? It's all you've been talking about today.
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[ she raises an eyebrow. ] You're seriously asking me?

[ idol or not, Rei always took Minako to be the type to draw people to her. probably couldn't get a moment to herself in school. hardly anything like Rei.

at the very least, she assumes she's been to more sleepovers than she has, which really wouldn't be hard for anyone to accomplish seeing as she's been to exactly one. she doesn't think she makes for a very good source of authority on the subject.
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Well, [ she shrugs, ] dunno. [ unlike Minako, Rei doesn't really mind being up-front about it. ]

We hang out like usual. It's not like it's a big deal.
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Like what? [ Rei doesn't have anything in the way of gaming consoles, as they always struck her as a waste of time. she can list a decent number of party games off the top of her head from what she's read in books and the like, which would be the go-to option here, but she's not going to suggest any of them herself -- she can only imagine the horrors that could result from a game of truth or dare with Minako, and she doesn't want to have brought them on herself. ]