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Aino Minako ([personal profile] loves_la_vie) wrote in [community profile] aquapoetic2013-01-11 11:22 am

[Continuation] Sleepover: Taking care of the eggbaby.

Minako arrived at the shrine, somehow roped into having been the one to bring the egg there. She shaded her eyes as she glanced up along the staircase leading to the main grounds, and matter-of-factly headed straight up them.

She had a few things for the overnight packed: a chance of clothes, makeup and hairbrushes, a CD or two. In a way, it wasn't too bad to sneak off like this, to have a chance to spend some time with a friend.

"Think we can get it to sleep early?" she wondered. It didn't make her eager for Luna's senshi-bonding assignment.]

(ooc: continued from here.)

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