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At times, dreams are frustrating instead of fantasy

Who: Mercury ([personal profile] waterfell) and Madoka ([personal profile] kujikenai)
What: An injection of Hope
When: After Mercury refuses to help, before she changes her mind.
Where: the old senshi base at Crown Karaoke

Summary: Mercury's been hit heavily with the message that her dreams are just dreams and shouldn't be affecting her waking life, but her decision not to help is weighing on her heavily. Madoka says it's not too late...

Mercury was alone at Crown again. Why here? She'd already raided the place. There were no more power items, no more computer files to be had. There weren't even any senshi. (The sailor senshi never spent much time here anyway, she reminded herself.)

The secret room should have been bright and filled with light, but instead, it had the forsaken look of a school after hours. Somehow, the presence of only a single person at a table with five chairs gave the whole room the empty look of too much space. Pictures on the wall no longer showed a group of girls in friendly poses, but Mercury facing the others aggressively. There was only one exception, and in that picture, her blue uniform was different - lighter, without the black markings or the chain at her waist.

One photograph was different. This photo sat away from the others, in Mercury's line of sight if she turned her head. In it, a man in futuristic armor was turned away from the camera, as though walking towards the door in the background. Whatever was behind the door was hidden, with nothing to illumine it.

She repeated the phrase she'd told herself a thousand times by now. "We have our own battles in our own worlds."