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Stay With Me

Who: Mercury ([personal profile] waterfell) and Master Chief ([personal profile] one_one_se7en, with a cameo from Mist ([personal profile] datastreams)
What: it's time for rest - and for John to stay with Mercury.
When: after their battles in John's world
[waking the Didact]
[fighting the Didact and del Rio]
[sniping lessons and the Librarian's help]

Where: Mariner Castle, the waking-life empty version

Summary: Now that the battle is done, and John is increasingly alienated from his world, Mercury has stolen him from there to stay with her at Mariner Castle for awhile.
She wasn't supposed to be here. No one but authorized personnel was, really. Of course, that was hardly likely to prevent her from coming. Mercury moved noiselessly down the hallway of the treatment wing, towards the area where they'd taken John to recover.

It struck her as odd, that a medical wing would be so heavily guarded; she hadn't thought his injuries had been that serious. But then, she supposed they wanted to be the first to speak with John, before any outside influences. Well, it was far too late for that. They had kept him too long, in her mind, and she didn't like being banned from seeing him.

The men on duty didn't even have a chance to notice her presence before they gently sagged against the nearby walls, and down to the floor. They slept peacefully. Mercury smirked.

A few flashes of her teletia-s, and her new shape easily passed through the eye scanners, while the Mercury computer made short work of bypassing the various passwords. Without further hindrance, she found herself outside John's door. She didn't bother knocking, but simply shimmered into view inside, in a shower of black rose petals that faded as her form materialized.

"I thought I'd try visiting the sick and injured," she told him flippantly. "After all, it's a doctor's duty."
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Cortana was gone.

As he laid in that hospital bed still encased with his armor, his sight didn't abandon the blue lab lights that reminded him far too much of the surgeries. When Halsey told him that all he needed to do was survive.

Survive. When over half his family died or was left crippled and they asked him to forget them. When he sought to get them all home, but couldn't save Cortana.

They brought him here, even as they told him he would not be allowed to see his fellow Spartans, or Doctor Halsey, or Ami. That he was far too important with all he knew and all the changes his bodies went through in the multiverse. He understood well their worries. He understood he was needed for the sake of his world, and yet he was forbidden from fighting. After everything he did in every world he wandered to.

He felt sadness.

He hated himself to think about it. He hated himself for feeling this. And yet he couldn't do away with feeling that he had been misused, treated like an obsolete weapon after all he went through worrying about his world and fighting tooth and nail to return, just to be treated like a pariah by the people he swore to serve. None of them realized he left behind the entire life and links to new loved ones he built around these worlds in all of these five years, letting go of what made him happy.

He felt anger.

This new generation, Kurt mentioned to him once that Ackerson wanted to have dozens, hundreds, thousands of Spartans to change the tide of the war, but Kurt himself didn't know until it was too late that they were all meant to be suicide soldiers. Now that these new Spartans -these fours- were in action, taking the missions he should have been in, he should have been leading, he should have kept fighting in, he couldn't help but remember with bitterness how the brass and ONI conveniently forget he defeated world-jumping abominations, dragons, and living gods with nothing but the armor he was granted and his own tenacity.

He felt envy.

His senses immediately recognize Ami. The gestures are somewhat familiar. For a moment, his armor remains still. Slowly, he turns his visor to the girl.

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John does little to ask how did she get here. Ami had an habit of showing up anywhere, and somehow it doesn't surprise him that she would tire of ONI's meddling the second they brought him back.

They wanted to mark him as MIA yet again.

He doesn't want to think that Ami's offer is what he wanted the most right now. Get out of here, abandon a world that only now he realizes would treat him like a leper the second they stopped needing him and showed the slightest symptoms of independence, and be with the only person that he could still be with.

He remembers Daisy. He remembers Soren. All the pain they went through with it all, desiring duty, feeling betrayed, and trying to find a reason to live, only to be even more hurt...

"They still have work to do."

The words are spoken involuntary, as his helmet moves to the opposite side of Ami. Instinct still holding on to his duty. To his world. Thinking that there was still a reason he returned for.

Wanting there to be one. Wishing there was.
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His helmet turns further away from Ami when he remembers these words.

It was in the aftermath of their battle against the Didact, when things looked bright, that they would defeat the Forerunner god and they would all go to Earth triumphantly and be reunited with his team. When Ami mentioned she would leave, the thought of coming to Earth without the person he loved the most turned terrifying, and he begged her to stay.

For a time, he thought it was the right choice.

Before the Composer fired on Ivanoff Station. Before he ventured into the maws of the Forerunner ship. Before it turned into a suicide mission. Before he saw Ami as he crawled and held the HAVOK tactical nuke, feeling horror and guilt at thinking he would be responsible for killing her and forbidding her from the future that awaited her with Kanda. A death that should have been his, and not Ami's, not Mist's, nor Cortana's...

His left hand tightens around the side of his metal bed, bending it. His right holds Ami's hand, rubbing it with his thumb. As if covering it.

"I don't want to lose you."
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Upon returning to Earth, he came to think how petty everything was for the humans here, even with how much he wished to protect them for years. None of them knew of the things he saw, that made their whole galaxy look like a speck of dust in the grand scope of things. The journeys he took in all of these worlds, the strong adversaries he fought in every one of them, the melting pot of cultures and philosophies, the sheer scale of everything that existed.

The nightmares of the Entropi. The guilt of everyone he lost.

After five years, he felt separate from the people of this world, no one else on Earth... no one else in this whole universe, understood what he went through.

Not even his Spartans. He had nothing to do in here.

For the briefest of moments, hating himself for that passing thought that was against everything he stood for and everyone that sacrificed themselves for, he thought that none of them deserved to be saved.

"Let's go."
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Ami's hand is soft, but it is enough for John to stand from his bed, and slowly walk through the hallways with an unusual silence. Slowness. He had already guessed the A.I. and security would know something was really off, and would soon send men to find him. He knew they would have heard their conversation... And yet, none of it seemed to matter.

He came to remember when he offered his hand to Ami after their first triumph against the Didact. While he remembered how bright the future of his world and of himself would seem once they defeated their enemy... the memory only makes him think of how naive he was.

When Ami warns him of the consequences, of his own side knowing that he would abandon them, with all they yet needed to know, of his own anger and sorrow that would drive him to leave this world again -perhaps for good-, he closes his eyes.

"I know."

His mind had already been set. His world no longer needed him. For all he wished it had not been the case, he had returned too different.

He lets the petals engulf him. For a long moment, he feels weightlessness, not any different from the times he would wander from world to world. In the time he spent in this state, he thought of Rock, of Stark, of Samus, of Yuuko, and of every friend he made in his journeys. Once he returned to Earth, he thought that he would not feel this ever again, that he would be happy.

"Welcome home, John."

Cortana's last words come back to him. Only now he realizes with sadness that it will never be possible again.

I don't have a home anymore. I'm sorry I couldn't save you.

He opens his eyes.

It was silent. This felt unlike Ami's dreams, of the massive palaces and royalty that occupied every hall, as the crown jewel of their own ancient empire. In here, it felt more like Greek temples. Preserved, pure, but merely a relic of ancient times left abandoned in the wake of a new age.

He stays motionless. His visor stays down.

"What happens now?"
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“Princess Mercury! Welcome back!” The voice was like Mercury’s, yet not; it was softer somehow and the pleasant formalities seemed less mocking. It was a familiar one to the man who had heard it so frequently such a short time ago.

In a faintly glowing aura, Mist greeted Mercury properly first, as befitted the castle’s owner, before turning her attention to John, whom she called by name rather than rank, here. As soon as she’d greeted him, she perched cheekily on his shoulder with her legs draped over it right near his collarbone. She was certainly as forthright as her mistress.
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Rest. There had been nothing harder for a Spartan to do. And yet he finally feels he needs it the most with the end of these five years without a home... after everything felt like a big, hollow victory.

His metallic feet resonated in a deeper manner than the delicate clicks of Mercury's heels, for a moment feeling alien to this place had it not been for the reminder that he felt even more alien at home. Even here, this place felt a lot more familiar with the ornate and majestic structures he had gotten used to, than the cramped decks of starships.

What he knew was utterly wrong with his world is how he trusted Ami much, much more than any of the men that would treat him. He remembers the fate he saved Avery Johnson from.

He looks up as soon as he notices the building reacting to Ami, hearing the familiar voice of Mist... and then seeing her nestled beside him.

In return, John lifted a finger to pet her.
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Mist doesn't seem to mind, at least not beyond a tiny finger jabbing at John's giant one. She doesn't need Mercury's orders, either.

"A guest room is prepared," she reports. Mercury must have planned this and already been in contact with Mist. Air pressure and atmosphere in John's rooms will be stabilized to not require the armor, though she suspects he'll still prefer it, and softer clothes have even been provided from somewhere. There'll be water, hot water, for washing or drinking, too.

The only concession to the Master Chief's injuries will be the medical equipment.

"Were you planning to rest yet?" she asks John.
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Even from beneath his armor, he recognizes the scent of ice. Familiar with the aura Mercury herself expelled, akin to the winters of Reach, or the missions they would sometimes spend over the arctic poles. He wondered if he would stand the cold out of armor, though something told him he would.

As he sees Mercury smiling, feeling at home, he can't help but feel envy. After the dream of Reach, he had wished for that feeling of belonging.

The question, especially, takes him by surprise. He turns to Mist, then lowers his head as he lacks an answer.

"I didn't think about it."

In his manner of speaking, he would rest where he is assigned.
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The room almost took him by suprise. The marble floors shined with a color similar to ice, and the bedsheets had a texture that likened it to snow. Likewise, the glass resembled the thin ice the lake of Longhorn valley would turn into during the winters of Reach, and its curtains looked like water that ran from the top of frozen mountains. The entire sanctuary looked as if it had been crafted from ice and snow.

This looked more like something the biggest generals of his world would sleep in. For a suite to be given to him to even rest... it's humbling.

It's difficult to accept after having been used to live with only the bare necessary for so long.

"I'll be rested soon."

He's saying this not as a warning that he has plans to leave yet. He's speaking this more as a way to say he doesn't deserve this.
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John nods to her in thanks, and turns back to his room and to the uniform when she leaves.

The uniform was soft to his touch, but at the same time it didn't feel as if it was going to rip merely by touching it. This green tunic was likely from a royal kind of fabric that was perhaps common during the Silver Millenium. On its right was the profile of a silver hawk much akin to the one in the insignia of the SPARTAN-II. Behind the tunic was a golden cape weaved with different textiles, made of a much lighter yet much harder texture than even the tunic.

Having been used and modified the armor to wear it and remove it by himself, it takes him some time to rid himself of the MJOLNIR to leave it in a mannequin, to then dress himself in the regal clothes offered by the senshi.

He took a long look at the armor, for the first time in years staring at it to see the hundreds of battles he endured with it since he left Cairo Station, admiring it for how long it had lasted severe punishment. The defense of Earth, the last throes of the Covenant, High Charity, the Entropi, Infinity, the Forerunner...

John closes his eyes, turning instead to a mirror. Looking at his reflection, it looked so alien to himself. He looked like the royalty of Mercury's age had he been born many millennia in the past. It looks strange to see himself in a uniform so different from the UNSC.

Being finished with observing his worn armor, and his new uniform, he pushed the button, noting to Mist and Ami that he's ready.
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John notices for a moment how Ami gets to see his eyes. Looking at himself in the mirror, it was clear his eyes still had that glassy, darkened sight. For a time, he wished he had remained in his armor and evaded her sight.

Ami didn't get to look at him when he prepared to return to his world. He felt regret that she would still see his eyes after losing Cortana.

Seeing Mist over his shoulder again makes him pause for a moment, then turns to Mercury -Princess Mercury- in what she used to be many ages in the past. Bloodline and heritage honored in here. For a moment, John has to remind himself that it is still her friend, and not a superior officer.

His body moves into a bow before following her. More social practices he learned in several worlds concerning Japanese manners, this one more enunciated for the sake of Ami's class - and as thanks for everything she has given him.
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The fast he was imposed time ago had lasted a while. They had said it was for a surgery he would need to take, for a 'lesser risk' of the machines committing mistakes. They were too common. Dined or not, Spartans would be able to receive surgery. He comes to think Ami was right in taking him away.

John tries not to think about it. With a new uniform, he remembers his role as he follows her into the ornate dining room, the lack of people for a huge table not going unnoticed by him. As well-groomed as this dinner was, if this was her home, away not just from Earth, but from the rest of the kingdoms...

Ami was lonely. Too lonely. On the inside, he comes to feel sorrow for her.

He became ultimately familiar with the oriental customs of bowing, entrance to a house and exiting it, measured taking of food and resources, and even got to learn the language with his contact not only with Ami, but a lot of friends that seemed to hail from Earth's Japan, as well.

This, however, is way out of his comfort zone.

Trying to adapt to this new situation as all Spartans should, he sits... this time, waiting more on Mercury's word, and actions to imitate.
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Beneath the table, across John's lap where only he can see it, Mist projects images of gold-streaked fish clumsily trying to walk on their hind fins, caught outside the water they thrive in. She is either less dignified, or more mischievous, than her mistress, so long as no one else sees.

The truth is, she simply couldn't resist - and perhaps she had the better intention of breaking the tension, just a little. She quietly decides the prank is a rousing success if it makes him smile. Or laugh; but she finds that much less likely. She isn't sure he's laughed since- well, then.

She also must know he can't possibly be prepared for this if she's making that joke. She offers practical assistance, too. Through his headset, Mist gives John quiet instructions to get him through the dinner. "With the silverware, start from the outside. Use the outermost fork for the first course..."
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