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Mizuno Ami☿Mercury ([personal profile] waterfell) wrote in [community profile] aquapoetic2013-03-29 02:34 pm

Stay With Me

Who: Mercury ([personal profile] waterfell) and Master Chief ([personal profile] one_one_se7en, with a cameo from Mist ([personal profile] datastreams)
What: it's time for rest - and for John to stay with Mercury.
When: after their battles in John's world
[waking the Didact]
[fighting the Didact and del Rio]
[sniping lessons and the Librarian's help]

Where: Mariner Castle, the waking-life empty version

Summary: Now that the battle is done, and John is increasingly alienated from his world, Mercury has stolen him from there to stay with her at Mariner Castle for awhile.
She wasn't supposed to be here. No one but authorized personnel was, really. Of course, that was hardly likely to prevent her from coming. Mercury moved noiselessly down the hallway of the treatment wing, towards the area where they'd taken John to recover.

It struck her as odd, that a medical wing would be so heavily guarded; she hadn't thought his injuries had been that serious. But then, she supposed they wanted to be the first to speak with John, before any outside influences. Well, it was far too late for that. They had kept him too long, in her mind, and she didn't like being banned from seeing him.

The men on duty didn't even have a chance to notice her presence before they gently sagged against the nearby walls, and down to the floor. They slept peacefully. Mercury smirked.

A few flashes of her teletia-s, and her new shape easily passed through the eye scanners, while the Mercury computer made short work of bypassing the various passwords. Without further hindrance, she found herself outside John's door. She didn't bother knocking, but simply shimmered into view inside, in a shower of black rose petals that faded as her form materialized.

"I thought I'd try visiting the sick and injured," she told him flippantly. "After all, it's a doctor's duty."

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