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On top of the roof...

Who: Priestess of Metalia!Mercury ([personal profile] waterfell) and Rogue!Kanda ([personal profile] decaying)
What: reconciliation
When: after the Adventure theme plot is over
Where: an inn at a small village far north

Summary: Now that the truth is revealed and Metalia is defeated, the rogue and priestess meet again.
It was over. The cold night stirred with a chill breeze that felt pleasant to the priestess of Metalia. In a small village like this one, every little word and gesture of a visitor or traveler was interesting and repeated a thousand times, so she'd finally sought sanctuary on the roof of the inn, where not many would intrude. No one would expect to find anyone here.

From this vantage, she could look up to the stars and let their vastness make her thoughts seem small; or she could look down across the flat rooftops of the rest of the village, where trails of smoke marked some late dinners and candles already lit some of the windows. Both gave way to empty contemplation to keep her thoughts from taking less pleasant directions.

She had lost a lot of certainty on this journey. It was hard to shut out the memories of things she still didn't understand. And now, with Metalia behind her, she was not sure what lay ahead.
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The celebrations from the nearby village to point zero seemed to be endless. The tyranny of the Goddess Metalia had been taken well around these parts, after all they had been the first to feel their wrath. At first their actions seemed weary of the rogue they had known far too well to be a villain, but after the good news, they seemed to be humbly sympathetic. Everyone except one.

Kanda had been hoping the priestess would change her mind about him, but she seemed more distant than ever. He had kept his eyes on her, always watching her in her silent contemplation until she had offered him a moment to catch her privately. He didn't know where to start but he followed her to her secluded spot on the roof. As a rogue, his skills reflected those that allowed him to sneak by without being seen. The priestess seemed in deep thought, it had been easy to spy on her, so close on that rooftop hidden in the shadow of a chimney. He didn't mind, he preferred the silence.

She was just like he remembered her, long legs, supple backside and no exaggerated breasts that had fit so perfectly in his hands. He closed his eyes for a moment remembering her scent, the taste of her lips, and the softness of her skin before heaving an audible sigh that would definitely give away his position.

"What a night." He chuckled, blue eyes falling on her as he left the safety of the shadows. Whether he was talking about tonight or another night with private themes, he didn't make it clear.
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The coldness was blatant in her tone and her body language, but it wasn't necessarily a deterrent. He was accustomed to this treatment, the cold attitudes that every rogue got. He had been under Metalia's orders for a very long time that he had grown enough memories. That being said, he also knew how to change people's mind. Ami's case was different, manipulating her would only prove her point that he was, in fact a terrible person. He would have to be honest.

"Is that so."

Despite her warnings, he moved forward, crouching beside the priestess as he kept eye contact. He had done wrong but he had also redeemed himself. She had to let her issues go. He wouldn't show her weakness where there wasn't any. He knew his sins and he had accepted them. She should as well. Priestess's forgave, didn't they?

"And where are we going come morning light, priestess?" Clearly, he had no intentions of leaving her side.
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"I don't think you understand what's going on, priestess."

Kanda had thought about what would happen once the goddess was destroyed. He knew he could survive but it wasn't so much the survival part that mattered. What was the point of being alone all over again? He wanted to be with her, follow her, do whatever bidding Ami demanded of him. His loyalty would belong to her. That's what a rogue like him offered.

"I didn't kill the goddess to save the world, I did it to save you. For you." And he was going to keep protecting her whether she liked it or not.
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Kanda noticed as the girl tried to put him under what seemed to be some spell. The notion was almost insulting but it also showed just how eager the priestess was to have him. At least to him. How could he get angry? Instead, he decided to play the part. For her sake.

"It would be an honor if you were to have me by your side. I wouldn't want anything else in this world."

Cheesy? He was trying. It was hard to keep a straight face, not that he was mocking her but that he wasn't sure how well his act would play.
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When she offered her arm, Kanda pulled her close brushing his lips slightly against her smooth skin before kissing whatever place of bare flesh he could reach. A hand slipped around her waist pulling her close before humming against her ear.

"And will I be yours?" He continued the charades silently hoping she would tell him what he wanted to hear. "I would do anything."
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"Since back then?"

A puppet wouldn't know what she's talking about and neither did he. He pretended to be dazed, he leaned towards her, pulling her close and brushing his lips against her smooth pale skin.

"Tell me more, my priestess. I want to know everything so that I may make you happy."
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Kanda thought about her words for moment remembering very vividly how she never seemed to be able to understand that he had never wanted to be a part of her group. He had hated the world for being what he thought everyone was: evil. She had showed him otherwise through kindness and concern. Their talks had been pleasant and he recalled the excitement he would feel once nightfall came that meant they would be able to speak freely again.

Ami had been the first to do that for Kanda, she had been the only one who had eased his cautions. He could say what he wanted to say and she would listen. It was the most painless pleasure he had come across.

His arms wrapped around the priestess and he leaned his head against her shoulder, looking at her lips as he thought about what to say. He wanted to drop this act and tell her similar truths but he wasn't sure how to respond. He figured the closer they were the least likely she could land a blow, right?

"I hated the world before I met you. I thought that everyone on the face of this miserable earth was useless. Evil. You weren't like that, in fact, you were the exact opposite. You forced me to open my eyes and my only regret was that it took me so long to change." He kept his grip tight on her knowing she would realize that her spell hadn't worked.

"For once in my miserable life, there was something I wanted to protect. I couldn't let the world be destroyed even if it meant saving the rest of the miserable world I still couldn't care any less about."
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His blue eyes widened at her request and truth be told he wasn't sure how to take it. He didn't find turning his back on a woman scorned to be the most intelligent thing to do but it would be counter productive. He wanted her to know he was being truthful, putting it all on the line for her. He closed his eyes and turned around giving her his back.

"That wasn't what I was expecting you to say, priestess." He'd be blunt about it.
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Her silence made him feel uncomfortable but her actions certainly spoke volumes. He sighed, his back muscles flexing as she healed the wounds that she herself had given him along with whatever he had received from Metalia. He was silent, unsure what to say at a time like this.

Before long, his back was perfect. Back to its unblemished state as he reached behind his shoulder trying to touch his new skin.

"You didn't have to."
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He missed her touch, the gentle sensation of her hands on his skin. She was so smooth, so feminine in all her gestures and it drove him mad. He leaned back against her touch, a smirk on his lips as he flexed his muscles under her finger tips.

"Do you forgive me?" He asked cautiously, turning his head sideways for just a slight angle.
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"I think I proved I wouldn't leave your side regardless of what you did to me some time ago, haven't I?"

He turned his head trying to catch a better glimpse of her as he took one of her hands and brought it to his front. He let her feel his chest, letting her touch every rippling muscle while making sure she kept complete contact with her. No point in having her shy away. He brought her hand up for a kiss.
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"Escape?" He chuckled noticing her choice of diction. It didn't bother him too much but he did find it odd. He turned to face her this time, taking her cheek in his hand.

"If being near you is a hazard, priestess, then maybe I'm a masochist. I don't want to leave you and I don't want you to leave me." His thumb brushed against her lip invitingly. If he kissed her, would she hurt her?