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Who: Exorcists: Kanda (fallingpetals / decaying), Ami (waterfell), John (one_one_se7en), Bookman (bookmaster)
What: many meetings
When: early on, while Kanda and Ami are still children
Where: European exorcist HQ

Summary: John has been tasked to bring Kanda to Europe. Bookman has found a new apprentice. All of them meet in Europe.

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[AMI & BOOKMAN] Great Expectations

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It was all ready late evening when Bookman found himself standing in the waiting hall of a very decorated home. He stood idly, his black coat clashing against the marble and the stained glass that seemed to permeate most of the of the rooms theme and the only thing that shined as bright as the pillars that held the room erect were the solver pendants and broches on his coat. As fancy as the old man was decked, his presence here wasn't a positive one. The maids and butler's watched from the shadows of the inner hallways as they solemnly waited like a vigil for the deceased.

As often as it seemed that death seemed to follow exorcists about, the circumstances in which the Bookman found himself were neither of danger or hazard. There was a little girl who he would be taking on as an apprentice and because she was too young to travel on her own, it was his duty to escort her himself.

The child's name was Ami, a brilliant young girl who's only fault was the dysfunctional family she had been born to. Her father and mother were wealthy but like many marriages in their times, the love; if they had ever shared any, had long since extinguished between them. All it left was cold beds, untold bitterness, and a confused young girl with the potential for something great. It had taken a lot of convincing of the girls mother to give Ami up but Bookman was the wisest of his creed. The woman didn't stand a chance. That being said, he didn't regret his deceit. It was his duty to find young ones capable of taking his place. The world needed bookmen and they had to come from somewhere. This was the second child he had recently taken upon to train and he was certain she would never disappoint him.

Did he feel pity for her? Of course not. In time she would learn that were her fate to be in her mothers footstep or that of another, the end result would be the same. Misery was humanity's mistress. She would see it with her own eyes and he would give her the tools to become something greater. As it had happened to him, soon her heart would grow cold and she would no longer fear nor love. She would be a survivor like those of their creed. There would be no pain or disappointments, just existence. At least, that's what he would tell her.
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Every lesson Ami had ever put herself to had been learned quickly and well. She'd been born for paths of knowledge. The Mizuno daughter was said to be accomplished beyond her age, speaking languages with ease and so gifted in mathematics that it was unsettlingly masculine of her.

Her father preferred the pleasing melodies she learned on the harp, and her embroidery and needlework, which were equally fine in her efforts to please him; but she loved her books best. Her little playmates, girls from the nearby families, found her hard to relate to and she never quite caught the rhythm of their bright and friendly chatter with each other.

She'd thought, perhaps, if she could make both her parents happy, they'd become happier with each other. In that way children sense the moods around them, she knew her household was a distant one. Her mother and father simply had nothing in common, and he spent more and more time away from the house, escaping to the solitude of a paintable landscape or foreign lands she loved to receive his infrequent letters telling her about, until she couldn't quite fully recall the last time she'd seen him. It was usually just her and Mama.

Until one day a stranger had come. She’d been neatly dressed in one of her best dresses, and her hair had been tamed into sculpted curls and a ribbon, while her nurse thanked her good fortune that Ami was never one to fidget or ruin her hair or clothes. It all made Ami assume it was some friend of the family she was about to be called to meet - a few polite words of greeting before she’d be released again. Instead, she’d never seen him before. She had greeted him politely, learned his strange name, answered his questions in a quiet voice without adding anything more, and enjoyed their game of chess more than she could show by her simple thanks at its end.

Today, he was back. And today, she was to go with him. She didn’t know just what that would mean, but she couldn’t ask, either, not even the burning question in her mind: Will Mother come, too? Or the more secret question: If I also start traveling, will I see Father some day?

So Ami settled for proper silence as she made her new mentor a curtsey and moved to bring him a chair.
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"None of that, my dear, none of that."

He saw the girls intention of bringing him a chair and the darling girl shattered his heart once again with her manners. It was such a relief to find a young girl so calm and well behaved. He hoped her behavior would rub off on Lavi but that boy was a lost cause and he knew it. He would treat her with all the respect in the world, he had a feeling Ami would become his favorite. How couldn't she be, she was adorable. A perfect little lady. He wouldn't need to teach her much. Her mother did a good job.

"My dear, why don't you bring your mother? We cannot stay and I wish to have one last word with her." He bowed his head in a polite motion his hands still inside his his sleeves.
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"Please make yourself at home while I tell Mother you wanted to speak with her," Ami invited their guest. She made herself avoid thinking about the implications of last word. They were going very soon, and... could it be he didn't think he'd visit here again?

But surely she, Ami, would, right?

With a visitor announced, her mother had already finished quickly preparing herself for company before Ami found her. They returned to the parlor together.

Saeko Mizuno was an imposing woman, and it only took a glance to see where Ami's overly formal manners came from. The elder Mizuno held herself with impeccable posture, and even at this moment of parting - something she couldn't help but feel keenly, since she loved her daughter very much - she seemed calm and restrained, as if this were simply any social visit. "I understand you intend to leave without further delay," she conceded.
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Weathered eyes looked upon the woman who came down the stairs dressed as if this meeting was something important. Bookman was no politician yet he could tell by the chosen fabric and colors, this woman was very very well dressed. As she approached him he kept his manners, bowing low to show the matron his respect before lifting his gaze back up to her face. Such a shame to see her alone. A foolish thing indeed, her husband was a lucky man and it was unfortunate he did not see it as such.

"You are correct, madame." He closed his eyes for a moment, lying had become to easy he didn't even try anymore. "I have manners to attend to far east and I would not be able to make it on our agreed deadline. That being said, I'm sure with Ami's curiosity, she would very much appreciate the travel."

He had spoken to the girl previously about her interest in travel and he figured this would be a good excuse. They were going to travel to many places, the sooner he had her the sooner her training could begin.
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Ami said nothing, but a sharp eye could have easily caught the flash of interest. She was eager to see the places she'd only read and heart about, and without fully realizing just what that would mean, she was excited at the idea. Besides, she wanted to go away - not from Mama, of course, but a part of her wanted to escape this house that held sad memories. It took effort to keep herself quiet.

Her mother was very slow to agree, too slow for Ami's hopes and too fast for her own. She had wanted to keep Ami with her as long as possible, but she understood - or thought she understood - the opportunity this would mean for her unusual daughter, who seemed to be made for a remarkable life and the studies Bookman had promised she'd be able to continue. She doubted her ability to raise a little girl alone, and she was having to face the fact that she did not know if she would ever see her husband again.

So while the wait may have seemed long to the little girl whose fate it decided, her answer was not a refusal. She had only one request first. "Let me say goodbye."
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Bookman was no father nor had he any family he could honestly say he remembered. As far as he was concerned he was alone and it made things easier. He didn't have to know the pains of goodbye's or the concept of 'missing' someone. He couldn't imagine what her mother was going through knowing she wouldn't have her daughter at her side or miss Ami would grow into a young woman away from her eyes. When Ami asked for a moment, He bowed his head.

"Take your time, my dear." Because you're never going to see your mother again.

He politely moved away to stand by the door using the pretense of making sure the coach he had arrived here was still in perfect condition. He started small talk with their driver, meaningless trivial things.
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Saeko Mizuno knelt down to her daughter's level. This was a day that always came, for mothers, but she had thought it would be many years away still, at Ami's wedding, before her little girl went out of the house and out into the world. "Be good," she said, with a small smile that showed she knew how little Ami needed that particular advice. "Go and come back safely."

When her mother drew her into a hug, it was a rare enough gesture for Ami to be visibly surprised; but after only a second, her arms slipped around her mother's neck in return.

"I'll tell you everything, like always," the little girl promised. "Since we won't see each other, I'll write." It was a promise she didn't yet know she'd be unable to keep.
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The conversation with the uneducated coachman only lasted so long before he offered him a task to complete and that was carrying this girls possessions. Normally a bookman tended not to own things but for a child this small, he would have to ween her off her luxuries as time passed. Unlike his other student, Ami had lived a very wealthy life being the daughter to rich folk. Lavi was used to nothing but Ami wasn't. Bookman wouldn't expect her to be able to sleep in anything other than a warmed bed so he would be sure to be gentle with her. In a sense he would become her father until she matured enough for him to become his rightful teacher.

Once the things were packed, he returned to the entrance of the home waiting patiently there for the girl to dismiss herself of her mother.

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[ KANDA & JOHN ] Demons

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The anger never faded regardless of how many times Kanda tried to tell himself he was fine. The splitting headache that had reigned ever since that brutal evening Alma had slaughtered the entire research division never seemed to fade regardless of how many times he slammed his head against the stone wall. His arms had been bound behind his back and he had been placed in an isolation cell. To the guards standing outside, this nine year old was the most dangerous living thing in existence and they weren't taking any chances.

The blood run thick against the stone wall as Kanda eventually stopped his assault on his own head. He tried telling the guards outside his sealed door that he had a headache but no one listened so he figured if he just split his skull open, he would die. That seemed clever enough. Unfortunately the boy kept healing leaving nothing but a pool of his own blood sprayed agaisnt the wall and a dirty front. He eventually got tired of his failed exploits and backed up against the far wall and slid down against the wall.

Kanda didn't want to be here. After they had opened the sealed second exorcist halls and found the massacre, they had grabbed him and told him he would be dealt with. He didn't know what that meant but he knew that after killing everyone they would probably do the same to him. But how? He had tried everything, the blood splattered all over the room was a clear sign of his failed attempts. How could they kill him if he couldn't even kill himself? He had tried, damn had he tried to end his life but it was pointless. Nine years old and bitter, Kanda had been left to wait for his condemned sentence.

Not long ago he had heard that someone was coming. The commotion of a famous person being around the Asian Branch probably meant that his actions were a lot more serious than he thought. Even in his short life span he knew there were worse things in the world than the CROW soldiers who liked making his life hell. Anyone from Central was bad news and this guy called Pope was bad. Who ever he was. That said, he figured this guy was here for him and Kanda was tired of waiting. He wanted all of this ended. How much more did he have to endure?
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John ignores the salutes of soldiers as he passes through hallways. The temptation to use his innocence to cover himself in armor is too great to ignore, but somehow he manages as he moves from place to place. Fortunately for him, the black coats of exorcists allowed him not to use the paved chest of medals, ribbons, and citations to gain even more attention. What they had here was more important.

He opens the door.

This was the boy he had heard so much about. He was allowed to glance at the classified report on his creation and the madness he almost fell through. To all people, this was a dangerous creature, an animal to put down before it harmed anyone else.

He steps forward.

John knew the dangers well. Someone with his emotional stability and huge power could be an enormous danger for the world and to himself, and with his inability to die that he witness by the blood on his forehead, he knew well what he had to do.

He bends down, and cleans the red off him.
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The boy turned his attention to the door the instant it's rusting hinges creaked as it was forced open. Kanda was dumbstruck, he had never seen such a huge guy before. There was no way this guy was human, right? Kanda stood paralyzed, had this been the guy everyone was talking about? Definitely, no normal person could be this big.

It wasn't until John started moving forward that Kanda tensed expecting an attack. Fortunately for him and to his greatest confusion, he didn't harm him, instead he started rubbing off the blood from his forehead.

"H-Hey!" He grumbled as his hands came up to try and shove those massive hands away. It was impossible, really. Even Kanda wasn't that strong. "Stop that! It hurts!"
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"It will get infected if it stays." He mutters, continuing to clean.

Upon being finished, he folds up the small towel and leaves it to his side. He looks straight at the child, his expression unchanged. Then, he kneels to his eye level.

He thinks of a way to say this. John read the kid's file. Even now they were still letting him suffer.

"Yu Kanda. Do you know why am I here?"
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Kanda had the biggest urge to punch this guy in the face but unfortunately, John was way too tall for this ten year old. He couldn't move regardless of how much he fussed letting the other wipe off his face. At his question, he felt his stomach sink, giving him a frown.

"You're here because I have to be 'dealt with'" he feigned a grown-ups voice to emphasize the seriousness of the situation that he really didn't find so serious. "and they chose you, right?"

He was ready for anything. He found it a little weird this guy was cleaning off his face if his job was supposed to leave him 'dealt'. Dealt sounded a lot like death so he assumed there couldn't be much of a difference.
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They chose him for his power. For having learned how to use something out of sheer desperation. His superiors hoped he would know how to teach it to younger ones, as well.

"I know what happened out there." He begins, "No one can fault you for reacting the way you did at your age. None of that should happen to anyone, much less you."

"It doesn't stop them from being afraid... and I was asked to solve this."

He looks at the child to his eyes, motionless.

"What I'm offering you... Is control, and peace."
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Kanda's expression didn't change, there was anger in his eyes and the frown on his face seemed permanent. He didn't believe this guy had any good intentions for him. They should be afraid of him because he would kill them if they let him out of this damned cell.

"Control and peace." These words Kanda didn't understand. He was only a child and he didn't know why he would need them much less how he could acquire them. "Is that because you can't kill me? You haven't even tried. Try to fucking kill me so I can kill you..." he spat.
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John remains unmoving. So many times he had stared at death in the eyes, he had grown used to threats and discipline. From the Zulu warriors in Southern Africa, to the demons he had to destroy that posed as innocents.


He mutters, staying still as he speaks.

"Nothing will improve if we fight. Your place won't change. And if you win? You will still be plagued by nightmares." The soldier's eyes lock on him... unnaturally blue, almost like glass. The mark of someone that had fought for too long.

"You must learn when to fight... and how to live." He speaks. "Only then, will things change."

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[ BOOKMAN & AMI & KANDA & JOHN ] First Impressions

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The train station was bustling with commotion as the first trains of the day set off. Bookman had arrived early with Ami in tow both decked in their traditional black and carrying a few things along side. They were mostly books and papers and of course, the book Ami had brought from home was stuffed under his arm as he led the child to a bench. He set their things down, offered her a seat, and then took one beside her as he handed her the book.

"Now, my dear, we wait." He responded, looking at the people that passed as the platform began to empty. It was better to take later trains, the potential of many people meant there could easily be an Akuma in the crowd. Like this, they didn't have to worry about an attack. Ami wasn't trained yet.

Today was a special day because they were waiting for someone, two individuals to be precise. This would be the first time Ami would meet other exorcists other than him and he was certain she would enjoy asking John many questions. Thought was enough to cheer the old man up yet his concern wasn't for the man, but the boy he was escorting. Komui had told him about the second exorcist fiasco and he had all ready documented the story. The child was unstable and he hadn't been socialized. Yes, he referred to him as feral animal because that was the way the boy was. He had been cooped up underground since his creation and it was to be expected. He would make sure Ami was safe, of course, but this should help the boy. John had agreed at their last meeting.
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Bookman -> Ami -> John -> Kanda?

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Luckily for the patience and sanity of the adults, Ami was likely to ask questions only when given permission and opportunity. She was clearly excited, though, glancing out the windows of the building at every opportunity and eager to watch the early trains arrive and depart. She hadn't even looked at the book yet, leaving it across her lap when she'd normally be halfway through reading it already. The one flaw of books was that they never quite lasted long enough; but at least you could re-read them.

She knew, of course, that she was to meet new acquaintances and work together with them. She had not been told the details of the terrible events that had already happened, or the reason why the little boy (one of them was only a little older than her, coming with an adult just like she was) had been quickly sent away. It left her unbiased. It made the coming meeting as exciting as the trains. What would they be like? Would they like things like chess, and music, and books? Would they have a lot to talk about?

It made her as nervous as she was excited. After all, aside from polite parlor conversation, she'd never gotten to know people very easily. She had no real friends of her own. So the question uppermost in her mind, was the one she finally voiced when Bookman gave her the slightest chance. "Will they like me?"

What if they didn’t? It would be lonely, she thought, to be traveling together in that case. She spent the seconds waiting for Bookman’s reply hoping that he would have a positive one.
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Bookman -> Ami -> John -> Kanda

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John adjusted Kanda's clothes before meeting with Ami and the bookman.

He knew an exorcist's constant paranoia with not knowing who was on your side, and who wasn't. And yet, much in the way of insurrections and foreign sides serving alongside the Royal British Army, it was simply something he had to get used to just as well.

But above all, for someone in the military, appearances and formality were everything. He still had Kanda as his protege, and he had watched him grow -- and at the same time, he came to resent those that treated him like an animal instead of a soldier.

They asked this child to save them. The least he could do was help him.

"We're going to meet more people like us. Exorcists." He speaks. "When that happens... be polite."

There are manners, actions, and other forms of respect that are drilled into an individual that Kanda was still alien to. Because of it, it's the one tip he can give him: Give respect, and receive respect.

If he doesn't receive it? John will be there for him.
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Kanda had never been outside of the cave that was the Chinese branch so the entire trip so far had been quite an adventure. He had asked about everything, about the sky, about the trees, about the different people and the clothes they wore- he wanted to know everything! The train station was a new place and the sounds were numbing. When John started fixing him up he didn't even move, his blue eyes were just looking everywhere.

"There's so many people, John." Was all he muttered. He wasn't sure if he liked it, these were the people he was supposed to be protecting and no one seemed to notice him. It felt nice not to be looked at with judging eyes but it didn't feel so great to know he was invisible to everyone.

"They won't like me. Why do we have to meet other exorcists?" John had been the only one who had respected him so far so the fact they were going to meet others was pissing him off. "Fuck them. We don't need them."

He had a potty mouth didn't he.
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Amusement spread across the old mans face as he tilted his head to the side and looked down at the sweet little angel he had as an apprentice. Ami had far too many insecurities for a girl her age.

"Why do you think they won't like you, my dear? You're a proper young lady with a brilliant mind. You'll find that the exorcists cherish attributes like those over the typical importance of money and fame."

Komui, for one, had been excited to hear about the girl he would bring. Bookman figured it was because of his own little sister: the two would be able to get along. Komui was a good man who cared about the children that were forced into this world so he respected him above all else. He was even an optimist towards the problem child Kanda Yu. He turned to look at his watch and then towards the crowd.

"They should be here any moment. John is never late."

Just then he spotted the man, tall and dignified not too far off from where they stood. He tried to scrutinize the ground about him to spot the boy but it was an impossible feat. There were too many people. Instead he lifted his hand and waved at the lot.
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Ami let the simple words cheer her up. She smiled up at Bookman and gave him a trusting nod. If he said it would be alright, then maybe it would. “I’m looking forward to meeting them,” she said truthfully.

When you're as short as Ami, you tend to look through gaps in crowds. Still, no matter how she strained to see him, while trying to make it look like she wasn't trying at all, she couldn't catch a glimpse of the boy at first. Instead, she saw John, and his amazing height. He looked strong. Sturdy. Steady. She appreciated that last quality especially. She waited to be introduced.

It wasn’t until she and Bookman got closer that Ami saw Kanda, a meeting that would normally have never been able to happen between a ragged boy hidden away from the world and this petted daughter of a well-to-do family. Ami was instantly struck, but not by those differences. She had never in her life seen a person so pretty. Even the simple clothing and largely unkempt hair failed to hide it.

Reminding herself not to stare, she nonetheless took quite a few surreptitious glances at him, mostly from hidden halfway behind Bookman.
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John was a silent person. He was not used to speak much even among the men with which he would serve back during his time in the Anglo-Zulu war, and after having become an exorcist his silence had only gotten stronger. Kanda's presence and questions, however, forced him out of his comfort zone and actually answer the things that were relevant, or necessary, for him to know what was about to happen -- and to fulfill his promise of granting him a little peace.

"You'll have learn to fight with someone else watching over you. It will be irrelevant if they don't like us."

Blunt honesty. He didn't get along with much of his unit at first when he enlisted. Rorke's Drift was a place where he felt that bond stronger than ever... and when he also had to leave them all.

"No soldier should ever fight alone."

His eyes turn to the pair. The bookman... and the small girl.

He remembered just a little of the cultural manners he was taught, of bowing and some table manners. As much as he taught Kanda, John himself felt more comfortable fighting -- not in these situations. But for now, he knows what to do.

"Sergeant John Smith. Former British Royal Army." His blue eyes run over the man, then at the young girl... and slowly, sets a hand over the head of his apprentice. "Yu Kanda."
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Kanda didn't move out of John's large paw on his head, he was too busy staring at the girl standing behind bookman. Truth be told, the boy had never seen such a weird looking boy. Ami was wearing weird clothes and her hair was up in a strange do. There was something about her he knew he didn't like and as far as Kanda was concerned, the way she kept stealing glances at him made him remember Alma. It only pissed him off.

A hand came up to grip at John's pant leg, it was a sign that he was getting upset. His little fist clenched at the fabric as his eyes darkened the more he managed to stare at this weird looking boy. Everything about him pissed Kanda off and his ears were ringing he didn't even notice he had just been introduced. Instead, he brought a hand up and pointed it right at Ami.

"Who the hell is that ugly boy? He's pissing me off." So much for the manners.

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