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When it's time to have fun

Who: Ami ([personal profile] waterfell) and Kanda ([personal profile] decaying)
What: welcome back, making flower chains
When: as teenagers, sometime after one of Kanda's missions
Where: in the Black Order tower

Summary: On his return from a mission, Kanda eventually gets impatient with Ami's study habits and drags her off outdoors.
Ami had loved every bit of the studies required of Bookman's successors. She probably would have claimed that was the entire reason she was holed up in this part of the tower with a book in hand (and an alarmingly tall pile of them nearby on the floor), just as Kanda was certain to be coming through on his return from his recent mission. It was a very convenient reading place.

The truth was, she was reading some paragraphs at least three times before she was taking any of it in. She must have been tired. The other truth was that she really did need to absorb all of this information, and learn it quickly and soon. She knew that, but somehow she kept glancing towards the doorway anyway, surreptitiously, as if she were afraid of being caught even here. She adjusted her glasses.
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It hadn't been a secret that Kanda had been meaning to arrive sometime today and just accurate as always, the science division had guessed his timing right. The next second Kanda was walking through the hallway into the lounge room looking a worn out. His coat had been torn, his hair was loose, and the annoyed look on his face seemed a little less out of energy than usual.

He lifted his gaze to spot Ami and he turned changing his course from his bedroom to the couch she was sitting on. He didn't hesitate to let himself fall on the space beside her as he heaved a sigh.

"Still reading the same book you were reading when I left?" Hello, Ami.
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If Ami was up to something, the boy sitting beside her didn't notice. He slumped backwards into the couch, something he hardly ever did, that proved just how exhausted he was. At her words, he didn't bother responding. She was here to read, he was here to rest.

Though, considering the fact that when he left she was reading, it kind of made it seem like this was all she did. He turned his head to her and reached for her book.

"You're pissing me off."
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"It's not what you did that's wrong, it's what you're not doing."

He leaned forward, sitting up on the edge of the couch as he turned to scrutinize her. It was obvious, he couldn't say he knew a lot of girls but Ami wasn't like Lenalee. Everyone knew it. At least no one questioned Lenalee's behavior with the things she did so he figured she knew how to behave right.

"Why don't you go do things normal girls do, like play outside in the flowers or something? All I ever see you doing is reading your books."
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Her excuse wasn't valid for this particular exorcist. He got to his feet and took a hold of her wrist as he led the way outthe lounge and towards the main entrance. He didn't bother warning her, he wasn't giving her an option, clearly.

"While you're inside reading your books, Lavi's out in the town trying to get women to pay attention to him. I'm not saying you should go around chasing boys but there's other things to do." He leads her right out the door now and towards the woods.
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"No, we're not training." He made it quite clear as he led her to the edge of the Akuma filters before letting her wrist go and pointing at the ground. "Sit."

He had found quite a patch of earth, covered by wild flowers of all assortments, it was the perfect place for a girl to build flower crowns. At least that's what Lenalee would do, Kanda figured Ami should have an opportunity to do the same. He shrugged off his top coat and settled in the tall grass.

"Girls like flowers, don't they?"
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His intentions were to spend some time with her but he was also showing his concern for her in his own strange and unorthodox way. He wasn't aware he was upsetting her, he wasn't that good at reading her in the first place. Instead he did things like these.

"I'm not giving you back your book." He made it clear. He frowned. "Try to enjoy yourself outside of your books."