waterfell: (ami ♍ studiously)
Mizuno Ami☿Mercury ([personal profile] waterfell) wrote in [community profile] aquapoetic2013-05-03 10:39 pm

When it's time to have fun

Who: Ami ([personal profile] waterfell) and Kanda ([personal profile] decaying)
What: welcome back, making flower chains
When: as teenagers, sometime after one of Kanda's missions
Where: in the Black Order tower

Summary: On his return from a mission, Kanda eventually gets impatient with Ami's study habits and drags her off outdoors.
Ami had loved every bit of the studies required of Bookman's successors. She probably would have claimed that was the entire reason she was holed up in this part of the tower with a book in hand (and an alarmingly tall pile of them nearby on the floor), just as Kanda was certain to be coming through on his return from his recent mission. It was a very convenient reading place.

The truth was, she was reading some paragraphs at least three times before she was taking any of it in. She must have been tired. The other truth was that she really did need to absorb all of this information, and learn it quickly and soon. She knew that, but somehow she kept glancing towards the doorway anyway, surreptitiously, as if she were afraid of being caught even here. She adjusted her glasses.

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