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Where everything can be reborn

Who: senshi, shitennou
What: returning from the Cauldron
When: after the Galaxia battle
Where: Saggitarius Zero Star, Earth, possibly elsewhere

It was supposed to be over. The glimmer of thousands upon thousands of star seeds, all different colors and all shining so brightly, was hope for a new future and a new direction.

Some of them sped quickly towards their destinations. Some lingered in the air, hesitating, as though the time wasn't quite right for their return. And beneath them all, standing on the most sacred ground of Saggitarius Zero Star, there were the forms of sailor senshi, all of them clad simply in white.
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Starmaker | Earth

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For a moment, there had been a peace such as she had never felt, even in the time before Galaxia came. The pure Light of Hope, the love and warmth of her princess, had enveloped all her senses. She had stood with the solar system's senshi, and Kakyuu and the other two starlight senshi, and all was well. The glittering light of thousands of star seeds had been mesmerizing. It felt as if nothing had ever been wrong.

Kakyuu, Sailor Starfighter, Sailor Starmaker,and Sailor Starhealer had returned to Earth first. Kinmoku awaited them, but it seemed wrong to race away as quickly as they had come. The sense of deep-reaching peace had begun to fade, back on Earth. In the calm after the storm that had nearly destroyed the galaxy, Starmaker recalls that last battle vividly.

Just once, Taiki wishes to visit with Ami as not a soldier with a common enemy, or two people hiding their identities from each other, but maybe as a friend. She waits, leaned against the tree next to a swing set.
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He has a smile for her, faint but genuine. He pushes herself off the trunk, standing straight to greet the girl.

"There's an ice cream cart, just there. Shall we get some?"

Taiki is stalling, really. An extra few minutes, like nothing had ever happened. A few minutes where they don't have to face what happened, where he doesn't have to say goodbye.

He's truly excited, relieved, to return home with the other three. But for now, the farewell is a weight in his chest. So just a little while, he'll stall for them.
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Taiki's smile seems strengthened by her reaction. He nods and offers her his arm. "Yes," he agrees.

The cart, as he promised, is only a short distance away. The pop idol makes no hurry toward their goal, but he has no idle chatter to slow them, either. Surveying the different flavors, he finds that he must at least breach the topic he had come ultimately to discuss.

"This is the last ice cream I'll have here. I wonder what flavor should I choose."

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"Since Ami suggested it, I'll try it," Taiki agrees.

He requests a cone from the vendor, and awaits patiently to receive his treat--and to see if Ami will request the same. Just a little bit, Taiki doesn't want to go either, but only to stay with the people he's known here on Earth. If he could see Ami again regularly, that would be okay, too.

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Jadeite | Earth

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Every part of him aches, as if he had been shattered as glass. The pain is sharp and searing all at once, and there is a sense of utter surrender.

Since the past life, he has fought to keep up with the older shitennou.
Since the past life, he has done all in his power to be useful to those he looks up to.
And since the past life, he has been betrayed, forsaken, discarded, or left behind.

The Master. Beryl.

He took it upon himself to be independent, to be his own master. It wasn't enough.

Ami. Rei. Zoisite. Nephrite. Kunzite.

It was looking upon the lifeless eyes and crumpled bodies of the other shitennou, facing the Galactica shadows of Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury, that Jadeite decided to die. He had once made the oath to Kunzite, to himself, to protect the Earth and those important to him. There in Galaxia's palace, there was nothing left. He would give what was left of himself to make way for the Starlight and Kakyuu, and pray that they could make up for his own failure.

His final power was brilliant. A piercing cold that drove back even the Galactica puppets, just a little. Mars' flaming bow and arrow took aim, and the youngest and final shitennou was shot down.

He awakes on a marble tile floor. At first, there is the overwhelming sensation of being utterly bereft of any feeling but emptiness. He should cry, but there are no tears. He should rage, but there is no anger. He should fight, but there is no enemy and nothing to fight for. Jadeite stares at the ceiling, and slowly the disorientation sets in. He sits up to survey his surroundings, and begins to piece together what he knows. This room was where they left from; Princess Kakyuu, the Sailor Starlights, and the shitennou.

They left from this place, and then...
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Zoisite was nearby, as baffled and blank as Jadeite. Again and again, were they truly fated to fail in their most important purposes? Were they good for nothing? He did not have an answer for that.

Not that all was lost. There was the planet, if he had woken up here. Yes, there was that, a ball of crystal blue that had been pressured, heated, thrown about, and cracked, but that had not broken yet. He did not have the Master's power to judge its damage, but it was there. It existed.

He was glad that this time, at least, the shitennou had not been divided among themselves. ('This time'. And a next time, and a next? Or were they finally finished with this endless cycle?) Yet he felt as though he had done badly, to fight Venus, even the mud puppet Venus he had learned was a fake. It had only played into Galaxia's plans.

There was a little gladness when he spied the younger shitennou. "Jadeite," he formed the name. "So you are also spared." There was a movement of his lips that wasn't quite a fully formed smile.

Spared? That was the wrong word for it, but what word was there for what they had just experienced?
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Jadeite's head lifts, when he hears his name. He turns, slowly, towards the voice, and finds his friend and fellow shitennou sitting with him. Alive again. Something clenches uncomfortably tight in his chest as he recalls empty eyes and a broken form.


Alive. And the others? Jadeite looks around with the same slow motion, as if afraid of what he might --or might not-- find.

"Spared." He echoes the word, perhaps also musing whether that was the correct word. "Revived," he corrects after a moment, and looks back to Zoisite.
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The others. If they are not here, he will seek them; it is as simple as that. He needs no order to tell him that, and there is no one here to give it anyway. At least there is Jadeite, right in front of his eyes, unharmed - no, uninjured. What he must remember from those last moments, Zoisite does not ask.

"We are revived again," he echoes the word, and the slight emphasis he gives to again might surely be imagined. The voice is surely every bit as even as it always is. "The planet is not endangered any further, now."
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"For now." A weariness begins to settle over the youngest shitennou. "I think now, it's unreasonable to expect that there will not be more enemies." He just hopes either the new enemy is not as strong as Galaxia, or the shitennou can rise to become strong enough to overcome that threat.

Jadeite turns on his knees after a silence, and finally pushes himself to stand. He makes his way to the older shitennou, and holds a hand out to help him up. "You're unhurt, right?"
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For a moment, he feels a pang of guilt. It had not only been their master, once upon a time, who had seen Jadeite as a younger brother. He, Zoisite, should have been able to protect him, should be the one holding out a hand to him. He accepts Jadeite's anyway, and stands.

"I am no longer injured," he assures the younger boy. Of course; the power that revived them would have had a poor return if it had left them with their death wounds.

"If you are also unharmed, I will search for the others right away."
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Jadeite's big blue eyes follow Zoisite as the other stands. He holds onto Zoisite's hand for just a moment longer than necessary; a subconscious effort to really make sure his companion is truly there, and truly alright.

He takes a step back. "I'm not hurt," he confirms, before looking about the room. "I feel they're fine too, but I don't know where they are." He turns as if to go find Nephrite and Kunzite, but he suddenly stops and turns back on his heel towards the other. "Zoisite!" A pause. "I'm...glad you're alright."

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Fate has never put the senshi and shitennou together; not really. Rei doesn't buy the belief that it has, either. They all did that themselves. So she's not surprised when none of those men are anywhere nearby as she finds herself returning to consciousness - no, to life. She takes her time in making herself move.

It's later that she finds Jadeite, on the bridge. It doesn't take being Mars to somehow know he'd be there, looking for answers, too. She couldn't blame him for that. She would have liked a clearer sign of where she was supposed to go next herself.

She stops some distance away still, but nothing about her is really hesitant. It's more as if she believes Jadeite should be nervous to encounter her instead. She looks at him for a long moment before she gives him a slow nod.

"I'll say it right now from the start," she tells him: "The battles are over."

What she means is that there's no more tie to a past. She is not required to follow or serve him; she doesn't have to hate him.
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He knows she's there, before he turns, before she speaks. And it's not for several long moments of silence that Jadeite actually does turn. He knows there's some emotion, so many, that affect him as his gaze falls on her form. Yes, there is trepidation briefly, but it resolves itself after only a moment. The senshi are themselves again.

And for a while longer, he's quiet. Then he speaks. His head and tone hold level, expression remarkably neutral.

"There will always be battles for this Earth. The belief that Galaxia would be the last is a thought that invites vulnerability." A breath.

"Do not challenge the shitennou or get in our way, and I will ask nothing else of you."
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It doesn't work that way. She learned over this past while that she had a place and a role to fulfill, never for the past, but for the present. She is a sailor senshi, no matter what appearance or lifetime.

"You weren't saying things like that while we were both fighting," she points out. "You can't decide to turn that off and on at your whim."

It's like her father, she realizes with instant dislike: wanting her to be his daughter when it was convenient for him, and nowhere near him at any other time.
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Jadeite stops, at that, brows knitted and blue eyes confused.

"No," he says slowly, and takes a single, halting step forward. "You misunderstand. But now, you won't remain at the palace, since you have no obligation to. I won't keep after you...so, this is the last time I'll be seeing you, unless by chance, right?"

He stands a bit straighter. "You are Sailor Mars. That power cannot be taken or repressed, and we won't try."

A long pause.

"I only want to never fight you again."
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"I'm going," Rei confirms. She won't stay at the palace; but it feels less like stepping away, and more like stepping towards a future where she can put some of her old regrets aside. She had not won - she had always known, from the very beginning, that some day there would be lost battles - but she had fought to the end this time.

"There's no reason to fight."

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Uranus | Sagittarius Zero Star

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In the end, she had failed. The advance of Galaxia's power had been a riptide she was powerless against. All of them had powerless against.

But somehow now, it's alright.

She finds herself standing with the other soldiers of the galaxy. The senshi she had tentatively befriended, and the senshi she had mocked. The senshi she had loved, and the senshi she had killed. Bathed in white light and the crystals that dance overhead, none of that seems to matter. There is peace. Peace, and another chance.

Uranus smiles.
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"So they are restored." Uranus's voice is strong but quiet. She has crossed the short distance to the senshi of water and wisdom, and stands together with her.

Dressed in simple white, they are all the same. Children of the galaxy, and soldiers of their own stars.

Uranus looks up, following Mercury's gaze. "It's beautiful."
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"I only know of the threat that approached the solar system," Uranus says quietly. The topic should be a grave one, but the strange tranquility over her gives the sky senshi's words no heaviness.

"They invaded the palaces," she tells the inner senshi. "Neptune and Pluto both contacted me as they were attacked." She recalls not only their contact, but their deaths on screen, as Uranus struggled, helpless to do anything but try to fend off her own attacker. She regards the thought now in a sort of detached manner, and it doesn't bother her as much as it might at another time.

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