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Mizuno Ami☿Mercury ([personal profile] waterfell) wrote in [community profile] aquapoetic2013-08-07 08:45 am
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Where everything can be reborn

Who: senshi, shitennou
What: returning from the Cauldron
When: after the Galaxia battle
Where: Saggitarius Zero Star, Earth, possibly elsewhere

It was supposed to be over. The glimmer of thousands upon thousands of star seeds, all different colors and all shining so brightly, was hope for a new future and a new direction.

Some of them sped quickly towards their destinations. Some lingered in the air, hesitating, as though the time wasn't quite right for their return. And beneath them all, standing on the most sacred ground of Saggitarius Zero Star, there were the forms of sailor senshi, all of them clad simply in white.

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