geniustheveil: (bssm 水 princess and soldier)
Mizuno Ami ☿ Sailor Mercury ([personal profile] geniustheveil) wrote in [community profile] aquapoetic2013-12-06 09:55 am

Home for the Holidays

Who: Kanda, Princess Mercury
What: Yuletide festivities at the Mercury Kingdom
When: past life, Silver Millennium
Where: taking place in the Mercury Kingdom

It was easy to provide the perfect environment. Snow drifted gently to the ground, a soft background glimpsed through curtained windows from inside the comfortably-warmed ballroom. Soft music whispered and nudged, but failed to interrupt private conversations. Some of the guests held drinks, a few offered festive toasts among their friends.

At the head of the room, apart from the elegant bustle, a blue-haired girl in a satin gown sat on the dais, as if she were pleased to watch over the sight of the people enjoying themselves. A small, gracious smile stayed on her face, and those who caught her eye received a polite nod of recognition in return, but there was no one beside her or speaking with her.

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