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Someday when someone calls my name

Who: Kanda, Princess Mercury
What: Valentine mischief: Venus pairs Mercury and Kanda
When: past life, Silver Millennium
Where: out in the castle gardens

The Princess Mercury was expected to carry on extensive correspondence, and there was no surprise in the pile of letters and missives left on a desk for her to review. They were a mass of requests, information, news, state business, and... a small, folded card in elegant handwriting.

Mercury's face flushed as she read the note and her face pricked with a spreading rash. She should have been suspicious at once, from the flowery language, so unlike a guardsman's, and a part of her thought about that, but the truth was, she wanted to believe it even if it seemed impossible he'd have these feelings towards her. He had occupied her thoughts far more often than she'd admit, ever since they'd met.

So an hour later, passably recovered, there she was in the gardens, covered from prying eyes by the velvet cloak of night, with only the moonlight to illuminate her way.
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It had taken Kanda some time to recover after receiving quite a letter from the 'princess'. Any doubts of its validity all swept away the farther down the page his eyes went. He had been waiting for this day for some time, the day Ami finally accepted him. Truth be told, this was quite the bold move for her but he would take what he could.

That night he had spent hours choosing the right threads for this outing that he; for once, was late. It wasn't the first date they had ever been in together but this one was special. He was a knight now, a man very much worthy of a princess. He saw the cloaked figure and made his way to her cautiously.

"My princess?"
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He caught her glance and mentally kicked himself. With a muttered apology under his breath he offered her his hand, bowing ever so slightly in respects. He should have probably done that when he first arrived.

"I'm thankful you came. I kept my word. I hope you found your gifts to be of good taste."

Notice something? Guess who really worked on his manners for the past few weeks? If that's not a sign of how serious he is, who knows what is.
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Kanda's only intention was to woo her, to win her heart and eventually her hand. He had made his mind up by now: the princess would be his at all costs. He took some pride in her good graces, she deserved the best. He brought her hand to his lips tenderly.

"You deserve them and many more, my princess. I only hope you give me the time to prove it all to you."
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Kanda wouldn't blame the princess for not exactly knowing how courting worked. Living on the streets most of his life meant he had learned a thing or two, met people who would talk to him about certain things. He had never bothered with a girl; really, women were a subject he never had problems with, but this one was different.

Ami wasn't a common girl and yet he didn't let her title be problem. She was a girl, beautiful and polite, and it was his job to meet her to that standard or else what kind of man could he be for her but a nuisance? Ami's words brought a smile to his lips. He was sure he would have her in time.

"What will we do tonight, princess?"
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His eyes widened at her request. The town? There was nothing like the royal quarters, the halls and palaces were beautiful. There were portions of the town who shared their own beauty but even then, Ami had never seen the dark patches of the lower class slums.

"If that's what you want..." he respond quietly. He had promised to do everything and anything for her. He looked at he beautiful dress. "We'll need to disguise you a little better, princess. I will take you to my own part of town only if you understand that outside your comfortable walls, there might be people who do not take kindly to the royals."
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Like most sane people, Kanda had never blamed his hardships on the crown but the bureaucrats that they were forced to work with. The Queen of Mercury was a just and kind woman filled with wisdom, but the men and women of her court had never risen a sword to protect the people like their Queen had. They only cared about money.

To those like Kanda who had grown poor or orphaned, they provided no comfort for them. The era of prosperity had meant that every poor soul had a roof over their head and a meal, but they had built the areas isolated from the rest and provided only the minimal of help for anyone to be able to move up the social ladder. They were cared for and that was why they were forgotten. Many people were dissatisfied.

"The Queen is highly esteemed and so are you. However, some feel that the decisions made by the rich people in your council have abandoned their needs. You don't know how hard it's been climbing up social classes. They don't make it easy, not even for soldiers who risk their life for them."
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"You need councilors who understand the people living outside of the royal walls. Those people who work everyday to get their family forward, who can't pay the fines for breaking the laws whenever they want so they have to follow them."

He wasn't an idiot, he knew how easily a paid fine could let most of the rich go on breaking the rules they made. It was ridiculous how little respect for the rest there was. If those voiceless could have a voice, he couldn't imagine how the world would change.
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Kanda wasn't the type of man to stutter but this request certainly came as a surprise. Him as a councilor? It wasn't anything like being a knight, he just hurt anyone that hurt Ami but being a councilor meant being able to talk to people but what good was he at that? Most of the time keeping his mouth shut was the best thing he could do so why would she make him this?

"With all due respect, princess, I don't think I'm the best... speaker. I have a bad temper and I don't think I could hold my tongue in front of a punch of pricks."
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[That made Kanda chuckle.]

I think you're confusing my lack of any disregard for order and manners as a 'passion' for speaking out.
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If you think I'm what you need to make our people better, I will do my best.
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That's why I've always said you were going to be the best queen. [He is so going to do his best, princess!] But you'll have to help me.
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I'm not exactly... I'm not like you. I'm not refined. Rough around the edges. How can I pass for a gentleman?
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You don't get it. I'm not great. Not at all. What manners I learned it was enough to get me by. I want to be able to speak properly with a Queen.
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I know I'm not royalty, but outside of this planet, I might as well be considered nobility. I figure if I'm going to take my job seriously, I should take it seriously.
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They didn't teach me much at the orphanage. It was mostly what not to do when parents came looking to adopt. Didn't really work, obviously.
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Thanks. When should we start?
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In two days time I get a day off.
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I promise. I'll be there.