geniustheveil: (bssm 水 princess and soldier)
Mizuno Ami ☿ Sailor Mercury ([personal profile] geniustheveil) wrote in [community profile] aquapoetic2014-02-01 08:33 am

Someday when someone calls my name

Who: Kanda, Princess Mercury
What: Valentine mischief: Venus pairs Mercury and Kanda
When: past life, Silver Millennium
Where: out in the castle gardens

The Princess Mercury was expected to carry on extensive correspondence, and there was no surprise in the pile of letters and missives left on a desk for her to review. They were a mass of requests, information, news, state business, and... a small, folded card in elegant handwriting.

Mercury's face flushed as she read the note and her face pricked with a spreading rash. She should have been suspicious at once, from the flowery language, so unlike a guardsman's, and a part of her thought about that, but the truth was, she wanted to believe it even if it seemed impossible he'd have these feelings towards her. He had occupied her thoughts far more often than she'd admit, ever since they'd met.

So an hour later, passably recovered, there she was in the gardens, covered from prying eyes by the velvet cloak of night, with only the moonlight to illuminate her way.

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