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We all love a bad boy

Who: Kanda & Ami
What: New bad boy in school and he already has an eye on the smart girl
When: Highschool AU
Where: Ami's school

Kanda had one week in this stupid school and he hadn't gotten himself into trouble. That must have been a record. Normally by now he was all ready being expelled but it seemed when Mikoto had offered him to hang by, she had really meant it when she said she liked this place. He hadn't seen the girl much lately, for the first time she actually had friends that weren't up to any good and he was happy for her. She was a good person but she definitely made a lot of stupid mistakes.

One week in and he could honestly say they had chosen a calm school. No one had any issues with anyone, and as much as the girls tried to catch his attention, they all seemed young and innocent. Good. There were enough whores out there to begin with and Kanda knew it well. He was hoping their attitude wore off on Mikoto and just maybe she would have a chance at something better. That's why they had moved in the first place.

The only real hassle he spotted that bothered him was how horrible these people teased that one girl in class. Mizuno Ami was her name, a girl Mikoto had started hanging around with. He had her for class and for the last three days he made it a point to kick the idiot who sat behind her off that chair in order to sit there himself. He hadn't talked to her yet, she was a shy girl in nature and he liked that. She wasn't trying to be anyone but herself, do what was good for her, and he had to give it to her for being so independent. From what Mikoto had told him about her, she definitely was perfect. Too bad people were assholes.

Today was no different, she was sitting at their usual spot and by the looks of how lonely she was under the tree, Usagi and the others must have gotten detention again. Not even him, this definitely was a feat. The whispers had started again but Kanda ignored them as he shoved a few jerks out of his way before coming over to Ami.

"Mizuno, right? Mind if I join you?" Excuse him, Ami. He didn't bring anything to eat but he doesn't mind keeping you company.
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Ami told herself she didn't mind the teasing. She was used to it by now, and she even had friends now, so while she would have liked to get along with her classmates better, she was fine. Really, it was fine. Out of all the girls in the school, she certainly hadn't expected to catch his eye, though. She'd noticed his good looks more than she'd ever admit, and so had plenty of others. Next to them, it wasn't like someone would look twice at the 'snobby genius'.

She glanced up from her book, which made an excellent excuse not to have noticed the small scuffles on Kanda's way towards her spot, and nodded politely, moving her schoolbooks a little to make room for him. He had a reputation for a bad temper, already - but then Makoto had a reputation for fighting, and Ami knew very well how wrong her own reputation was in school. So she didn't hold it against him, or even think it was necessarily true.

"Good afternoon," she greeted him politely, with a pleasant smile. He hadn't brought any lunch, she noticed. Lunch was an important meal of the day especially when trying to focus on schoolwork. So she found an extra portion of a snack packed in hers, and held it out to him. "Would you like some?"
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It seemed to fool Ami, at least, as she smiled at Kanda accepting her gift. If she had known, she would have brought some for him intentionally - she would do that from now on, not just snacks but something healthier to eat for lunch than the corner store food she had a feeling Kanda meant.

"You're welcome," she told him, and to make sure he felt at ease taking it, she added, "It was extra anyway. You're doing me a favor by making certain it won't be wasted."

And if truth be told, she appreciated the company for the lunch hour.
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"I don't think it's being stuck," said Ami, meaning to be friendly. She would have liked to say if Mako-chan and Usagi-chan had detention then it was for a good reason - but it was most likely for their grades, missed assignments, or talking out of turn. If it was a fight for Makoto, though, she was sure Makoto hadn't (entirely) been wrong.

She nodded as Kanda asked her about herself, something that rarely happened aside from questions about how she studied. "I grew up right here in Tokyo," she said. "I was born here."
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"I like it very much," Ami said truthfully. The city was beautiful, especially at night all lit up - she could see it below her from her window. Of course, that was coming from an exclusive apartment in a wealthy area.

"But," she admitted, "I'd like to travel more some day, to see other places, too."
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"Everywhere!" she said with unusual enthusiasm, and her smile brightened at the very thought. "I want to see countries I haven't visited yet, and more of Japan, too."

This was bordering on rude, talking so much about herself, and she was quick to try to change the topic. "But what about you? You transferred here. Were you glad to come?"
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"I haven't traveled outside of Japan very much yet," Ami admitted. "But I'd like to. I'd like to study in Germany, or America."

She didn't think it was an unreachable dream. There were exchange programs she could apply to, and she worked hard to keep up her grades and test scores to be high enough.

But there was always so much happening here, too, and friends she'd be sad to leave...
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She couldn't deny her grades were high when it was the source of her reputation, but it felt like boasting if she said much about it.

"There are other things to think about, too, though," she said, deciding to focus on a slightly different part of studying abroad. "I'd miss my friends, and my mother, very much." Including, quite possibly, this boy who treated her so absolutely normally. It reminded her a little of first meeting Usagi.
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We'd miss you. The plural meant he was saying he'd miss her, and Ami's cheeks pinked a little with the delicious flirtation.

"I won't say goodbye yet," she promised him.
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She wasn't shying away at all. It was a new and novel experience, something to write in a diary and think about as she fell asleep tonight.

"Thank you," she said. And because they'd been talking about dreams, she added, "I wish the same for you."
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To Ami it seemed like there should be more. Dreams were important, inspiring people to greatness. Usagi had so many of them. Ami's were mostly of becoming a doctor, and of family.

Besides, Kanda's aspirations might not be academic, but she was sure he'd approach them strongly.

"You can't decide that without trying first," she said. "If you try, you have the chance to accomplish anything you like."
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"Nothing?"Ami asked a bit blankly. She seemed to have lived all her own life under the twin weights of expectations and goals.
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Oh, come on now; they said the same things about Mako-chan, if one listened to rumors, and Mako-chan... well, she got into scrapes, but always for a good reason, and Ami couldn't imagine things not turning out alright there...

But a cold common sense told her it was perfectly likely that a justice system wasn't going to listen to good intentions, any more than the decision to transfer Mako-chan's schools had been mediated by the fact Mako had probably been fighting for a good reason back then, too.

"You can end up where you decide," she said, "if you work at it."
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"A path that won't lead you to jail, in that case," said Ami simply. She was a firm believer that there was time, and opportunity, to change things around. Kanda had said he didn't want to end up in jail, and she believed he could avoid it - if he made the necessary changes, such as following the law more often.

And no, she didn't mean stealing. Not in the least.
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Not wanting to end up in jail was a reason, in Ami's thinking. Even if it wasn't a clear plan for the future, it was a motivation. And to her rational mind, it logically followed that there were clear ways to avoid that undesired outcome: law-abiding.

So it took her a moment to try to think a little more like Kanda, to realize that it wasn't that simple. The moment he tried, for example, there would be reactions from his friends and comrades.

"Kanda," she said after a moment, "If there weren't any problem at all, what would you want to do?" Another way she might have asked it was, what was his dream?
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"Then that's what you need to decide first," said Ami. "You could do anything."

They were words meant to open up that future, endless possibilities, the chance to look inside himself to find what he loved, and pursue that.

For her, it was different. She couldn't remember a time when she hadn't had dreams - or a time when there hadn't been pressure to decide, to choose, to pursue something whole-heartedly to become successful. It had colored her entire childhood, with her perfect academic career, and her hopeful future career in medicine as well.