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We all love a bad boy

Who: Kanda & Ami
What: New bad boy in school and he already has an eye on the smart girl
When: Highschool AU
Where: Ami's school

Kanda had one week in this stupid school and he hadn't gotten himself into trouble. That must have been a record. Normally by now he was all ready being expelled but it seemed when Mikoto had offered him to hang by, she had really meant it when she said she liked this place. He hadn't seen the girl much lately, for the first time she actually had friends that weren't up to any good and he was happy for her. She was a good person but she definitely made a lot of stupid mistakes.

One week in and he could honestly say they had chosen a calm school. No one had any issues with anyone, and as much as the girls tried to catch his attention, they all seemed young and innocent. Good. There were enough whores out there to begin with and Kanda knew it well. He was hoping their attitude wore off on Mikoto and just maybe she would have a chance at something better. That's why they had moved in the first place.

The only real hassle he spotted that bothered him was how horrible these people teased that one girl in class. Mizuno Ami was her name, a girl Mikoto had started hanging around with. He had her for class and for the last three days he made it a point to kick the idiot who sat behind her off that chair in order to sit there himself. He hadn't talked to her yet, she was a shy girl in nature and he liked that. She wasn't trying to be anyone but herself, do what was good for her, and he had to give it to her for being so independent. From what Mikoto had told him about her, she definitely was perfect. Too bad people were assholes.

Today was no different, she was sitting at their usual spot and by the looks of how lonely she was under the tree, Usagi and the others must have gotten detention again. Not even him, this definitely was a feat. The whispers had started again but Kanda ignored them as he shoved a few jerks out of his way before coming over to Ami.

"Mizuno, right? Mind if I join you?" Excuse him, Ami. He didn't bring anything to eat but he doesn't mind keeping you company.

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