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Who: Kunzite (past life) and Kojuro
What: happen to meet at the Earth Castle gardens
When: past life, during a visit from Masamune and his followers
Where: Kunzite's garden

If there was one drawback to his position in the Earth Kingdom, it was this. Kunzite, who would have preferred to spend his days out in the forest or even away from the city, was forced instead to mouth polite, empty words to the guests of Master Endymion at an endless procession of tedious banquets.

Tonight, he had finally escaped, There was nothing to do but enjoy the sunset fading to night, and he allowed his feet and his inclination to lead him to the source of the faint perfume that hung on the heavy summer air.

He was proud of these flower gardens, which were largely his own work since very few gardeners stayed on once they had a taste of his demanding and precise orders for their upkeep. It was a relatively small area, but that made it manageable for a very busy man.

Oh? Someone was there. He hesitated. Common sense told him that it must be someone from the retinue of Date Masamune, their current visitor. Caution told him he would be a fool to let his guard down by assuming that, since it would be an easy thing for an enemy to take advantage of, and he edged quietly closer until he could see that common sense won out.

Kunzite didn't recall the man's name, but that was no matter; he had the good taste and good sense to choose the gardens as a loitering spot. (Or a conveniently discreet meeting spot, but Kunzite had the advantage there in that if it were true, his mere presence would make any plotting impossible.)

"Good evening," he said pleasantly enough. "Allow me to show you the rest of this garden."
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Katakura Kojuro was Date Masamune's right-hand man (or right eye, as Masamune liked to say), so he had to accompany his lord in these social situations, to make sure he was safe and to guarantee he would behave not too inappropriately, even though Kojuro himself appreciated more a quiet time than Masamune's wild parties.

After telling Shigezane to keep an eye on Masamune, he sneaked out the room where his lord was drinking and chatting with Prince Endymion and his retainers to walk around the gardens.

Flowers weren't his specialty, but he could see that whoever was responsible for this garden was really good at it. The plants were very healthy and had a lot of fragrant blooms. He had just been examining closer the leaves of a particularly exquisite rose bush when someone showed up. Kojuro had a small sword with him, but waited in alert as the other man came closer.

He hadn't expected to meet the leader of Endymion's retainers at the gardens, as the man had left just after the banquet was over. "Good evening, Mr. Kunzite", he greeted with a small bow, "It's very kind of you. From the little I've been able to see, this is a remarkable garden."
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Kojuro raised an eyebrow. From what he knew, their roles in each country were quite similar, but he didn't expect that Kunzite was also someone who had an eye for plants.

"Patience and hard work are essential to achieve good results. But it's rewarding to see them develop well, don't you think?" Whether he caught on the other possible meanings or not, it's up to Kunzite to guess.
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Hopefully, yes. Both the Earth Prince and Masamune-sama were still young and had a lot to learn, but they also had steady and loyal retainers to mentor them.

Kojuro thought for a moment. He didn't usually cultivate flowers, but these rose bushes might make a good protection from intruders for his vegetables garden. He shouldn't be a troublesome guest, though.

"I am grateful for the kind offer, but I am afraid I will be abusing your hospitality if I accept. The Prince must really like these flowers, as we can see them everywhere."
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Kojuro had never heard of a gardener who bred pests to target something at his own garden. But Kojuro was more a farmer than anything else, and planted whatever he wanted to.

"Well, if you insist, I will accept your generosity. In retribuition, I'll send you something from my garden when the crop season starts."
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Kojuro has a feeling you are scorning his retribuition offer, Kunzite. But you shouldn't underestimate his vegetables. They are fresh, tasty and the basis for a healthy nutrition.

"Whoever, huh?" Not the Prince, then. And apparently not Kunzite as well. But to fill the palace's gardens with roses, it must be someone really important in the kingdom. Maybe someone he's courting? There were rumours about people from the Moon Kingdom in the palace, and this mention of carrots...