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Who: Kunzite (past life) and Kojuro
What: happen to meet at the Earth Castle gardens
When: past life, during a visit from Masamune and his followers
Where: Kunzite's garden

If there was one drawback to his position in the Earth Kingdom, it was this. Kunzite, who would have preferred to spend his days out in the forest or even away from the city, was forced instead to mouth polite, empty words to the guests of Master Endymion at an endless procession of tedious banquets.

Tonight, he had finally escaped, There was nothing to do but enjoy the sunset fading to night, and he allowed his feet and his inclination to lead him to the source of the faint perfume that hung on the heavy summer air.

He was proud of these flower gardens, which were largely his own work since very few gardeners stayed on once they had a taste of his demanding and precise orders for their upkeep. It was a relatively small area, but that made it manageable for a very busy man.

Oh? Someone was there. He hesitated. Common sense told him that it must be someone from the retinue of Date Masamune, their current visitor. Caution told him he would be a fool to let his guard down by assuming that, since it would be an easy thing for an enemy to take advantage of, and he edged quietly closer until he could see that common sense won out.

Kunzite didn't recall the man's name, but that was no matter; he had the good taste and good sense to choose the gardens as a loitering spot. (Or a conveniently discreet meeting spot, but Kunzite had the advantage there in that if it were true, his mere presence would make any plotting impossible.)

"Good evening," he said pleasantly enough. "Allow me to show you the rest of this garden."

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