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First Date - (High School AU)

Kanda was never one to give in to nerves but there was something nerve-wrecking about going to pick up your girlfriend at home. What if her mother answered instead? What if she recognized him? What if she forbid Ami from being with him? He wouldn't blame her, Kanda hadn't quite told Ami about how he actually knew her mother. She wasn't hardly a doctor he could afford but she was at least generous with what type of patients she assisted. Now here he was taking her on a date.

First date, he had to remind himself. He had to be good. Whatever Ami was used to he wasn't accustomed to offering but she was girl worth trying anything for. He had dolled up, a casual look and a jacket for the evening. He loitered outside her building for a while, making sure to be punctual. He didn't want to ask for her early, he had to think about what he would say if someone else answered the door.

The building itself was impressive. He read through the directory finding the right one and buzzing her, awaiting for his girl with his hands in his pocket.

Don't let her mother be home...
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Ami answered the door promptly, but purposely kept herself from opening it so quickly that it would look like she'd been standing there waiting. There was no chance of Mama answering, she wasn't even home, so Ami stepped outside into the hallway to greet Kanda instead of inviting him in right away. She was wearing a cotton shirt, a modest skirt, and had spent some time on her appearance.

"I'm sorry I can't invite you in," she apologized for what would be a lapse of manners at another time, "but Mama isn't home, so I didn't think it would be right."

She smiled at Kanda, then, after mentally checking to be sure she had everything with her - purse, keys, communicator...

"Shall we go?" She reached to lightly take his arm. Her fingers were chilled; despite her good manners, she was nervous, and in some ways, it was already starting to show.
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Unfortunately, Ami hadn't been expecting that, so she looked at Kanda, or more precisely his frown, with some concern. "Is everything alright?" she asked after a moment.

Maybe he was warm, taking off his jacket. Although she found it a little on the cool side, personally. Or...She was pretty sure she'd been sure to be ready on time, but now she was starting to doubt herself a little. "I didn't keep you waiting, did I?"
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Ami looked quickly up at Kanda, almost as though searching his face to find out whether it was really alright to borrow his jacket. After a second, though, her face softened to an appreciative smile.

"Thank you, Kanda-san." To anyone but Ami, it might have seemed strange to use -san when they were on a date of all things, but it was like her. She fit the jacket loosely around her shoulders and torso - it was too big, definitely - and let it warm her a little.
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"But Kanda-san," Ami said innocently, "I wanted to see it with you."

It was true, of course. Not that she didn't want to go out with her friends, because they were important to her, too. But a date, and with Kanda- That was special.