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What do we do next? (for [personal profile] angstennou)

"What a pain," Maou let out a sigh of mild irritation as he ran a hand through his hair and glanced sidelong at Nephrite. "If you don't have a job, the landlady's gonna get mad when we don't have her rent this month."

It wasn't easy running the Devil's Castle, with four people living there now, on two part-time salaries, much less one.
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"IT'S NOT MY FAULT, THAT STUPID MANAGER DIDN'T TELL ME WHERE I NEED TO TAKE THAT DAMN PACKAGE!!" Nephrite was frustrated too. It was the sixth job he lost in the little time since he had became a human. "I hate these puny humans."
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"They should serve us, not order us around." Nephrite pouted. That was why things weren't working right? Because the hierarchy in this world was wrong. Not because Nephrite was so useless that he couldn't even do a weak human's job.
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He stares at Maou.

"You are weird. You are too… calm to be a demon king." Nephrite thinks a demon would be angry and demanding like Beryl or Metalia.

"Do you really think they can get our magic back by reading books and looking at the computer?"
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Nephrite is suprised and… a little ashamed. He's never managed to not get angry about the things that go wrong with him. And while he wanted to go back to the Dark Kingdom, he hadn't thought of any plan to do that. Unless just teleporting himself there counted.

"The magic exists in this world! I had magic powers! And my enemies too! Maybe if we can get some energy from the sailor senshi…"
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"I am not sure... When I had my powers I could summon a youma that would drain energy, but... I never tried to steal their powers."