03 May 2013 @ 10:39 pm
Who: Ami ([personal profile] waterfell) and Kanda ([personal profile] decaying)
What: welcome back, making flower chains
When: as teenagers, sometime after one of Kanda's missions
Where: in the Black Order tower

Summary: On his return from a mission, Kanda eventually gets impatient with Ami's study habits and drags her off outdoors.
Ami had loved every bit of the studies... )
01 April 2013 @ 07:11 am
Who: Priestess of Metalia!Mercury ([personal profile] waterfell) and Rogue!Kanda ([personal profile] decaying)
What: reconciliation
When: after the Adventure theme plot is over
Where: an inn at a small village far north

Summary: Now that the truth is revealed and Metalia is defeated, the rogue and priestess meet again.
It was over. )
Who: Mercury ([personal profile] waterfell) and Madoka ([personal profile] kujikenai)
What: An injection of Hope
When: After Mercury refuses to help, before she changes her mind.
Where: the old senshi base at Crown Karaoke

Summary: Mercury's been hit heavily with the message that her dreams are just dreams and shouldn't be affecting her waking life, but her decision not to help is weighing on her heavily. Madoka says it's not too late...

Mercury was alone at Crown again. )