01 June 2012 @ 06:24 am
Rei makes a strong figure dressed in her robes, the bright red and white dimmed by the low lighting. She holds an ofuda tightly in her hand. Her face is serious. She takes a deep breath, and centers her thoughts and her breathing.

The shrine candles flare into life all around her, one by one like links in a rippling chain. She surveys them with a muted satisfaction.

Then the noise starts. Rei hurries outside to see the commotion, and is confronted by a woman with dark feathery wings. "It's been awhile, Sailor Mars," she says. "I felt your power from miles away."

Rei backs away. She's never seen this woman before. It's only reflex, but she feels sure of herself as she gestures and speaks words she hasn't used in years. "Mars Power, Make-up!"