22 April 2012 @ 09:56 pm
Mercury slammed face-first into the library bookshelves with enough force to make her crumble to the ground. Behind her, a very bizarrely dressed woman in a frumpy suit with a sailor collar loomed tall. The senshi clambered to her feet just in time to be struck by the next attack. She gritted her teeth as it cut into her.

"Silence!" hissed the phage, fired up and in her element. "A place of learning is a place of quiet! I'll teach you not to be so disruptive!"

The next blows came in rapid succession, until Mercury was knocked to the floor again, struggling for breath and struggling to find a way to turn the tide. Her shoulder was injured. Her uniform was already showing signs of wear and strain and so was she. The cut on her cheek bled a little as she pressed her fingers against the floor, willing her body to find the strength to get up again. Her eyes swept the room, and widened as they fell on Taiki Kou.
03 April 2012 @ 06:57 am
A lot of people nestled in a desk out of the way at the library with headphones on would probably be taking a break from their studying.

A lot of people are not Mizuno Ami. Though an occasional thoughtless tap of her finger suggests she's aware of the rhythms of the song she's listening to, a hit by the Three Lights, the stack of astronomy books nearly as tall as she is shows signs of use, and one is open in front of her. The music helps her to focus.

She's been here all day, without breakfast or lunch to smear or dirty the crisp pages, and a tired glance at her watch tells her it's already evening. She's starting to suspect what she's looking for simply won't be in these pages at all. (After all, how could it be? Humans on Earth know almost nothing about life outside it.)

Reluctantly, Ami closes a few of the books. She'll reshelve them and clear her head.
01 April 2012 @ 06:53 am
He's exhausted. He can feel the lack of strength in his limbs, the fatigue. He does not let himself collapse. He staggers only one step, he keeps his grip on his sword firm. His face is already dirty and bloodied; he can feel the way his arm no longer wants to respond to his will, dulled with pain. He wipes at his face, and red streaks across his white glove.

Insultingly, his opponent is a little girl who looks like nothing so much as a sailor senshi, and a mouse. Or perhaps he decided that when she called herself one: Sailor Iron Mouse. (Where is Mercury and what does she know of this? Or, he thinks with irritable humor, the cat?)

The mouse doesn't seem winded at all; in fact, she seems to be thrilled to be fighting. The strange golden bracers on her wrists glimmer in the light. Kunzite has an instinct to avoid them and, sure enough, it takes a great deal of his remaining power to shield himself from the blast they generate. He gathers his breath. She raises her arms.

"Don't stand in the way! Bring out the ones with the sailor crystals!" she chatters. "Galactica Crunch!"