23 June 2015 @ 09:44 am
Who: Kunzite (past life) and Kojuro
What: happen to meet at the Earth Castle gardens
When: past life, during a visit from Masamune and his followers
Where: Kunzite's garden

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01 April 2012 @ 06:53 am
He's exhausted. He can feel the lack of strength in his limbs, the fatigue. He does not let himself collapse. He staggers only one step, he keeps his grip on his sword firm. His face is already dirty and bloodied; he can feel the way his arm no longer wants to respond to his will, dulled with pain. He wipes at his face, and red streaks across his white glove.

Insultingly, his opponent is a little girl who looks like nothing so much as a sailor senshi, and a mouse. Or perhaps he decided that when she called herself one: Sailor Iron Mouse. (Where is Mercury and what does she know of this? Or, he thinks with irritable humor, the cat?)

The mouse doesn't seem winded at all; in fact, she seems to be thrilled to be fighting. The strange golden bracers on her wrists glimmer in the light. Kunzite has an instinct to avoid them and, sure enough, it takes a great deal of his remaining power to shield himself from the blast they generate. He gathers his breath. She raises her arms.

"Don't stand in the way! Bring out the ones with the sailor crystals!" she chatters. "Galactica Crunch!"
18 February 2012 @ 12:08 pm
It's entertaining: Without stirring himself from his comfortable chair in his rooms, Kunzite can watch the trials of Mercury and her princess. He leans back, and folds his arms across his chest.

They are both running, hand in hand even. How sweet. The shitennou rolls his eyes. Their efforts make no more than a futile and useless gesture. He'd expect better of Mercury, but then, she'd just chosen foolishness so clearly, hadn't she? His youma require no effort to get from one place to another, to corner them and hem them in until there's nowhere to turn. He will leave no escape. The forest itself closes in on the girls, the very branches of the trees seem to creep closer to each other, leaving less space and less air.

He'd promised to overlook the sin she's committed in stepping away from him, if Mercury survives. He'll watch to the end to see whether she does. The presence of Sailor Moon - no, the princess - makes things more complicated, but...

He can use this.